How to Build a Wood Burning Grill

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What’s your definition of a perfect weekend? Well, many go to the movies, many get busy running some errands. On the other hand, some love to hang out with friends and family.

Now, what’s the best way to have some quality time with friends? Well, to be honest, grilling some briskets can really jam people in a short period of time.

And in the world of grilling, we consider wood burning grill as the real deal. But the problem is it’s hard to find grills where you can burn firewood.

So, how to build a wood burning grill?

Well, there are three types of wood burning grills that you can build. And all these methods are pretty close to each other.

So, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the details-

How do Wood Burning Grills work?

Well, you cannot place the meat directly above the wood burning fire. It’s the ember that grills up the meat. So, we have to build the grill keeping that in mind.

Building a Fireplace Grill

Just as the name says here, you’ll use your own fireplace as the grilling pit. However, before starting we’d like to give you a fair warning. Don’t try out this method if you’re new to steelworks.

Now that we’ve cleared the air, let’s jump right into the details-

At first, we need to figure out the necessary items for this project. So, what do we need in order to build a fireplace grill?

Well, at first, you’ll need some steel rods. However, you’ll need to do some measurements for this project. So, we’ll need a measuring tape. Next, we will need a steel grill grate. It’s better if you get a square-shaped one.

After that, gather up a circular saw. Make sure that your blade can cut through steel rods or pipes.

Lastly, you’ll need access to some welding equipment. And because of this part, we gave you that fair warning. Don’t go anywhere near the welding equipment if you haven’t used those before.

If you’ve got the necessary items, we can start with the main steps-

  1. Take that grill grate and make 4 holes on its 4 corners. (We hope that you got a grill grate with a steel frame)
  2. Now measure how much space can your fireplace afford. Measure its height from the floor to the very top accessible space.
  3. Based on the measured height, now you have to size up the steel rods. Make sure that you consider the height of the grill grate while cutting those rods.
  4. Now cut some more rods according to the length and width of your grill grate.
  5. To finish up, take the parts to a welding place and weld those together.

Basically, here you will make a custom grilling stand that fits perfectly inside your fireplace. Now you can heat up your room and grill some pork butts at the same place. It’s the most efficient method.

Building a Campfire Grilling Pit

It’s hard to guess how this grill would look like just from the name. But we can clear up one thing from here. That is, you have to dig up a hole for this.

Now let’s take a look at the necessary items for this wood burning grill. And after that, we can go straight to the process.

  1. The necessary items are-
  2. A shovel
  3. Measuring tape
  4. Grill grate
  5. Stones (According to your wish)

Now, let’s look at the building steps-

  1. At first, decide where you want to build this grill.
  2. Next dig a 2.5 feet hole. The diameter of the hole will depend on the grill grate diameter. Make sure that the grill grate is bigger than the hole.
  3. You can lay stones around the hole if you want to. Basically, you can adjust the height in this way. But this is absolutely optional.
  4. Keep an opening to the hole from where you can insert wood. Moreover, you can control the fire sometimes through this hole. However, you can cover up this hole with stones when it’s not in use.

This one is actually the easiest method among the three. However, it gives the user the least amount of control.

Building a Brick Wood Fire Grill

Now if you want to make something more permanent and beautiful, then brick fire pits are worth trying. Moreover, this grill is pretty easy to make.

However, you’ll need some items in order to build this fire pit. For your ease, we’ve listed up these-

Two types of bricks. Fire bricks and regular bricks. Actually, you can calculate the exact amount by considering the pit total height and brick height and length.

  1. Mortar
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Brick Grinder
  4. Grill grate

Now let’s look at the steps of making a brick wood fire grill-

In the case of circular pits, you have to use brick grinders to even up the shape.

Bottom Line

You asked how to build a wood burning grill. Now, you have 3 methods. However, make sure that you take proper safety measures while going through any method. Good luck and happy grilling. 

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