How To Use And Refill Your Kitchen Torch Safely?

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If you ever look at those torches the chefs use to caramelize your favorite desserts with curiosity, then you are in the right place.

That magical tool you have been so curious about is called a Kitchen torch or culinary torch.

This torch is used to give a smoked effect to the foods and take the flavor to a different level. But you can use this tool at your home to create those favorite foods you go to the restaurants to eat every time. All you need to know some technique and follow some safety measures. So let’s not waste time and dive into the main discussion.

What is a kitchen torch?

A kitchen torch which is also known as a culinary torch is a tool which produces hot flame using a flammable gas such as butane, propane or methane. This torch is used to add smoky flavor to the dishes. This tool helps you to bring caramelized depth to your dishes.

How to use a kitchen torch safely:

Look for fuel gauge:

First, you need to find a kitchen torch with a fuel gauge. This way you will be able to keep track of how much fuel you have in the torch at any time. And also try to find one with a hands-free system so that you don’t have to constantly hold the ‘on’ button to use the torch.

Watch the surrounding:

Make sure there isn’t any other flammable element near the place where you are going to use the torch. Keep a metal tray or cast iron plate on the stovetop before you start using the torch.

Wear safe clothing:

While using the torch avoid wearing any loose cloth as it comes in contact with the flame. Wear an apron for safety.

Prepare the food:

You need to prepare your dish before starting the torching process. Place the food on top of the metal plate you already put on the stovetop.

Use the blue flame only:

When you first lit the torch, you will see yellow or orange flame coming from it. But you are not supposed to use this flame for the food as it will burn the food. Just wait for a couple of seconds and you will see the flames turning into blue. You are to use this blue flame for torching.

Check the nozzle:

Make sure the torch nozzle is clean and no diet or any other food from before is stuck in the nozzle. If the nozzle is dirty, the performance will be poor and this can detour the taste of the foods as well. You can use a kitchen towel to clean the nozzle.

Move the torch properly:

To grill the food, move the torch slowly but contently over the food. Don’t halt at one place for long since this will burn the food and give a burning smell and maybe a different taste from your liking. The key is to move the torch with a constant and slow motion.

Aim the torch in opposite direction:

You need to always keep the torch in the opposite direction of your body. Otherwise, you will get yourself burned as well.

Always properly turn off:

After you are done with the torching, turn off the hands-free system and then the gas. If your torch doesn’t have a hands-free system, then all you need to do is release the ‘on’ button and then simply turn off the gas.

You need to properly follow the safety measures to avoid any sort of accidents. At the beginning stage, to find someone skilled in torching and perform in front of them. And always keep the fire extinguisher somewhere near you where it is easier to grab.

How to refill kitchen torch:

If you are more onto yummy caramelized foods, you are going to use the torch quite often. Therefore you definitely need to know how to refill the torch. Kitchen torch refill is very simple, but considering the safety hacks since they are fuel for the flame.

Here is how you can refill your kitchen torch each time you run out of fuel.

  1. First get rid of all the remaining air and fuel. Just press the fuel-refilling nozzle to release the sir and the fuel. The refilling nozzle is generally made of metal and placed at the bottom of the torch. The nozzle contains a cylindrical component.
  2. Then make sure to turn off the torch and lock the ignition system to prevent unwanted triggering.
  3. You will need a fuel can which you can find in most stores. Make sure to double check which fuel can you are buying. After you get the fuel can, you can now start refilling. For this hold the can perpendicular to the torch nozzle and insert the tip of the fuel can into the refilling nozzle of the torch. The fuel will now start transferring. Don’t press the fuel while transferring the fuel into the torch? Keep track of the fuel in the torch through the fuel window.
  4. After you have filled the torch up to the recommended level, separate the fuel can from the torch and let the torch rest for a while so that the fuel temperature can adjust with the room temperature. You may notice some leakage at first, which is normal. Just wait for a couple of minutes to let everything set.

Your torch is now refilled and you can start another round of torching your favorite foods again.

Safety Tips:

  1. Try to use triple refined fuel. Investing in a good kitchen torch fuel will boost up the performance of the torch to the maximum level.
  2. Keep the torch in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes before refilling. This will lower the pressure of the torch and create a pressure difference between the torch and the fuel can. This helps in accelerating the transfer rate of the fuel.
  3. If you find that the torch is not igniting properly, then try to clean the torch nozzle by passing a compressed air flow in the nozzle.
  4. Don’t do this refilling process near any working stove or flame source.
  5. Make sure you keep the torch out of the kids reach.
  6. Don’t leave the torch on after you are done using it.
  7. Always go through the user manual before you start using the torch yourself. Don’t neglect the safety measures mentioned there.
  8. Keep the refilling nozzle clean. Wipe it off after each time you refill the torch. Otherwise, dirts will start to accumulate around this refill nozzle.

Where to store the kitchen torch:

Storing the kitchen torch properly is a part of safety as well. You will find that the instructions came with the torch say not to store the torch in your living room or any place where it gets hot.

So don’t store the torch in a place where there is a flame source in the vicinity since one small spark near the torch will cause fire breakout in your house. So you need to store the torch in an airtight place and cool place. Most importantly store it in a place out of the reach of your kids and pets.

Using the torch for culinary:

You can use the kitchen torch for a various culinary purpose. Such as:

To bake the meat and fish:

Even if you are going to bake fish or meat in an oven, you can touch the outer layer of the food before baking to give it more grill effect.

Make that grill impression:

You can give a grill effect to the foods cooked on the stove by using the torch. You can make grill marks on the burgers steaks you make on the stove by moving the torch back and forth on the steak.

Make caramel toppings:

Add a more delicious caramelized flavor to your desserts by using the torch. You can caramelize the top portion of any pie or even fruits like peach or grapefruit by simply using the torch for a couple of minutes.

Make pepper roast:

You can easily make perfectly roasted pepper with your torch. Then add them any dish to increase the flavor to a different level.

Final words:

If you are into that smoky, caramelized flavor then you should definitely invest in a kitchen torch. Using a kitchen torch will add a restaurant like grilled flavor to the dishes which will definitely win the heart of your guests.

But before you start using a kitchen torch, make sure you learn all the basics and train yourself by professional chefs if you can. Always follow the safety measures while you are using a kitchen torch. And pay extra attention to storing and taking care of the torch.

With little practice, you will be able to create your favorite desserts at home like the one you tasted at the restaurants.

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