Using A Pancake Griddle To Make Perfect Pancakes – Tips And Tricks

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Pancakes are the favorite dessert at home for some of you. But how many of you know the procedure of making a pancake? Well, people thought you can’t make pancakes using your stove but this is a great thing to tell you that you can easily make pancakes at home with pancake griddles! Yes, that is true. Perfect pancakes need experience and your concern also.

Knowing the tips and tricks are something that you can add perfection to your cooking. So if you are having the desire of including pancake at your breakfast then it will be easier for you if you know the actual procedure and tips for making perfect pancakes with these griddles.

How to Cook Pancakes On A Griddle?

Griddle cooking method is so easy if you know how to cook on it. Here is the answer to the question of how to cook pancakes on pancake griddles –

The ingredients you need for making pancake are – flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, large eggs, buttermilk, vanilla extract, butter, maple syrup. First, start with the whisking of flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. You need to combine these in a large bowl and whisk the combination. Then set it aside.

In another bowl, take eggs, buttermilk and vanilla extract and whisk the mixture thoroughly.

Take the dry ingredients’ bowl and make a well into it. Then add the wet ingredients’ mixture in the well. You can use a spatula for tossing the dry one into the wet. Then stir the two mixtures together so that there are no remaining flour streaks. You shouldn’t over mix it, so take a good care of that matter.

Then take griddle and heat it at a medium heat. After getting little hot, add butter on its surface. Scoop the pancake batter on the middle of the pan. Cook it for couple minutes until bubble forms. Bubble indicates that you need to flip the pancake. And the color will be light brown. After flipping, follow the same instruction. There you will cook less time than the first side of the pancake.

Finish cooking all the batter. If you want, you can serve your pancakes with maple syrup over it or whatever other ingredients you want.

Tips and Tricks For Cooking A Pancake

If you want to make a perfect pancake, then there should have some tips and tricks of yours that can make your pancake unique and mouthwatering. Check the tips for making perfect pancakes:

You need dry and wet ingredients for making pancakes as it is said above. It may seem unusual to add dry ingredients like sugar and vanilla extract. But believe me, these are going to make difference in the taste of your cooking. Does sugar only exist to add sweet? The answer is NO. it also makes the edges crispy. Vanilla extract creates the hint of floral that you will definitely find a difference in taste.

You can add buttermilk that brings tangy flavor to the mixture of the ingredients.

When you are mixing wet and dry ingredients, stir with a spatula. But avoid over mixing as it causes tough gluten. As the result, the pancakes will be tough and rubbery. You can check if you over-mixed or not with the presence of lumps. The presence of it shows that the batter s not over-mixed.

Griddle distributes the heat evenly and using it you can make a lot of pancakes at once.

When you are cooking pancakes on a griddle the common question is – what temperature to cook pancakes on a griddle? The ideal heat is medium-low heat. To heat can burn your pancake.

If you want to make different shapes of pancake, then use a squeeze bottle. Using this tool, you can draw animals, flowers, funny designs etc. which will add creativity to your pancake.

Timing is a big issue and knowing when to flip the pancake is an important one. Do not flip them too early because the pancake will remain raw inside.

Chocolate chips, coconut flakes, nuts, blueberries are some common extra ingredients of pancake which add an extra piece of flavor.

How to Make Perfect Pancakes with Pancake Mix

The procedure of making perfect pancakes with pancake mix is given below:

Take a bowl and mix all the dry ingredients there. Then, make a well at the center of the dry ingredients’ mixture and pour milk. If necessary, add more milk and mix it with flour.

Take another bowl and add eggs, vanilla, and oil. Stir the mixture thoroughly so that they are fully mixed.

Heat a griddle and coat it with butter and leave it for getting a bit hot. Then pour some mixture of pancake .

The size of the pancake depends on you. If you are not so experienced, then one-fourth cup of batter you pour in the griddle that will give you a nice pancake. But if you want you can add a half cup of batter at a time for one pancake. Flipping the pancake needs much experience.

If you want to add some fruits, then add that right after the pouring of the batter on the griddle.

If the upside color of the pancake gets brown, then flip it. And wait to forget the side brown.

After cooking pancakes, cover with a tea towel for keeping those warm till you eat.

Making Crepes on an Electric Griddle

Making crepes on the electric griddle is very easy and similar to the other recipes for making crepes.

Beat eggs with a whisk in a bowl.

Take flour, sugar, and salt in a bowl and mix these with a whisk. Do not over mix the ingredients because that will give tough crepes.

Make a well and pour some milk. Then mix the milk with the dry ingredients until incorporated.

At last, add some butter to the mixture and mix thoroughly. After that wait for 15 minutes so that flour can take the liquid.

Pour a small amount of batter on the griddle. Griddle temperature for crepes should be medium-low. Before pouring, you can coat the electric griddle with butter. If you are an amateur in making crepes, you can start pouring with one-fourth cup of batter.

Spread the mixture on the electric griddle so that your crepe is thin. When the brown color comes, flip the crepe and let the other side get cooked. And when the brown color of that side comes, finish cooking.

Remove the crepe from the electric griddle. If you are going to eat it later, then cover the crepes with a tea towel so that those will stay warm till you eat. And then enjoy your meal.


Pancakes are easy to make if you know the right procedure and tricks for making those. Pancake griddles are a good choice if you want to make pancakes and are the preferred one. As crepes are one kind of pancakes, you can make those using griddles. So after going through the article, you know quite much about making pancake and its tricks. So apply these at your home and enjoy your handmade pancake!

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