10 Best Crepe Pans For Cooking: Top 10 Product Reviews

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Crepe sounds like one of those super delicious French dishes that you would seriously love to have. Well, it is one of those dishes that not only you will love but also develop a serious fondness for it. But for that, you need to have the best crepe pan at home because making crepe won’t be possible without that.

It is a simple pan where the batter of crepe is spread and heat is supplied so that the dish can be made. It is kind of a thin pancake and as you know, a pancake is made in a pan and so as this dish.

Now one thing that you should know is that pans for crepe are different from any other pan in your kitchen. If you are planning to make crepe at home then you cannot do it with just any pan in the kitchen. For this, you can either use an electric crepe pan or the manual stovetop one.

Other than that, you only need to know about the art and finest ingredients of making the crepe to come up with a delectable dish. While other pans cannot give you the opportunity to make anything else, the crepe pan will give you the liberty to use it for different dishes.

For example, you want to make pancakes and don’t want to buy a separate pan for that then a crepe pan will help you regarding this matter. These are also best non-stick pans and available in different sizes as well. Now, we have done all the talking from our end on the introduction of these pans. So, lets move to the best crepe pan reviews section.

Comparison on 10 Best Crepe Pans


Product Name


Cooking Surface Diameter


Lodge L9OG3 Cast Iron Round Griddle, Pre-Seasoned

Lodge L9OG3 Round Griddle, Pre-Seasoned

Cast Iron

10.5 inches

Cuisinart 623-24 Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 10-Inch Crepe Pan

Cuisinart 623-24 Chef’s Classic Nonstick Crepe Pan

Hard Anodized Aluminum & Stainless Steel

10 inches

Electric Griddle Crepe Maker Cooktop - Nonstick 12 Inch Aluminum Hot Plate

NutriChef Electric Crepe Maker Griddle


12 inches

Crepe Maker and Non-Stick 12 Griddle- Electric Crepe Pan

Crepe Maker and Non-Stick Griddle- Electric Crepe Pan


12 inches

Hawkins Futura Q41 Nonstick Flat Dosa Tava Griddle

Hawkins/Futura Q41 Nonstick Flat Dosa Tava/Griddle

Hard Anodized Aluminum

13 inches

Cook N Home 10.25-Inch Nonstick Heavy Gauge Crepe Pancake Pan Griddle, 26cm, Black

Cook N Home Non-stick Heavy Gauge


10.25 inches

HIC Crepe Pan, Blue Steel, Made in France, 8-Inch Cooking Surface, 9.5-Inches Rim to Rim

HIC Crepe Pan, Blue Steel, Made in France

Blue Steel

8 inches

Large Crepe Pan 10 Inch Nonstick Coating and Bakelite Handle

Large Crepe Pan Nonstick Coating and Bakelite Handle

Hard Anodized Aluminum

10 inches

Mauviel Made In France M'steel Black Steel Crepe Pan, 9.5-Inch

Mauviel Made In France Crepe Pan

Black & Carbon Steel, Iron

9.5 inches

Cuisinart FCT23-24NS French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless 10-Inch Nonstick Crepe Pan

Cuisinart FCT23-24NS French Classic Tri-Ply Nonstick Crepe Pan

Tri-ply stainless steel

10 inches


10 Best crepe pan reviews in 2021

1. Lodge L9OG3 Round Griddle: Best Cast Iron Crepe Pan

Lodge L9OG3 Round Griddle, Pre-Seasoned Crepe Pan

Lodge is an US-based brand that is known for manufacturing fine kitchen cooking tools and appliances. This griddle is one of the hottest selling products in the market. This one is made of cast iron and available in the round shape.

The weight of the product is more and could be a little difficult to handle. But at the same time, you can rely on this product for the durability element. This piece is quite long lasting and will stay with you for the longest time.

Because of the fact that it is pre-seasoned, you don’t have to separately season it before using the pan. This one can be used on all kind of cooking surfaces such as stovetop, campfire, grills, etc.

Also, this is also over safe which means that you can now easily make crepes in the oven. Other than just making the crepes, you can also use the pan to saute, sear, fry, bake, and stir fry the vegetables and other eatables. The pan is non-stick in nature and you can use it for varied cooking purposes. Use the pan to make crepes and enjoy.



2. Cuisinart 623-24: Best Cuisinart Crepe Pan

Cuisinart 623-24 Chef's Classic Nonstick Crepe Pan

Cuisinart is one of the most significant brands in cooking tools and appliances. This brand is one of the legacies of manufacturing cooking tools in the market. And following the trends, this one is best Cuisinart crepe pan brand.

The hard-anodized exterior is dense, nonporous and highly wear-resistant for added durability and professional performance. The Quan Tanium interior is a patented non-stick cooking surface which is reinforced with titanium and provide a healthy non-fat cooking option. Also, it is very easy to clean with mild soap and warm water.

The stainless-steel riveted handles always stay cool, even when using on the stovetop. This offer safe and solid grip to the holder. Then there is tapered rim that eliminates any kind of dripping of the batter while you pour. While the pan is safe for over, it is not induction ready.

This is pan that you can told it as a best crepe maker and the most pancakes. If you are looking for a particular appliance then nothing can match up to the level of Cuisinart. Bring home the pan of happiness and make delicious crepes for your family.



3. NutriChef Crepe Maker Griddle: Best Electric Crepe Maker

NutriChef Electric Crepe Maker Griddle

The NutriChef Electric Crepe Maker is the first electric model in our list. This one large crepe maker as it has 12-inch cooking surface and a simple dial for temperature control to make the perfect crepes. You can set and arrange the temperature according to the need of the crepe.

It may be a little critical to understand the temperature adjustments at first but later you will be so used to making the crepes that it will be the most simplistic task. The appliance is not particularly for making crepe but you can also use it as a griddle to make standard pancakes, fried eggs, bacon, or anything else you’d cook on a typical griddle.

It is also a great machine for heating tortillas or flatbreads. The surface is non-stick aluminum that heats quickly and evenly. However, aluminum does have its drawbacks such as they don’t get heated very soon.

It comes with a wooden batter spreader and wooden spatula for making and handling crepes easy. The cooking surface has a little rim that helps keep juices and fats from dripping off during cooking. It is also one of the most considerable choices in the market.



4. Crepe Maker and Non-Stick Griddle– Best 12 Inch Crepe Pan

Crepe Maker and Non-Stick Griddle- Electric Crepe Pan

This is another one of the leading electric products in the market that can make delicate crepes and blintzes quickly and perfectly. The 12 inches long round non-stick crepe pan is great for a small family. Although, how big the pan is, you cannot make more than one crepe at a time.

The lightweight of this product will help you in air flipping the crepe. It comes with 5 temperature settings while giving you precise control to get perfect crepes. Since this one comes with a batter spreader, you can ensure super-thin crepes for your kids.

The aluminum plate is ideal for use as a griddle, stack of pancakes, bacon, and other breakfast specials. Then there is an on/off button that helps you in noticing how hot the plate is and if it is ready to put the crepe batter. The rubber feet are perfect for extra stability.

This model comes with a basic crepe batter, fresh mushroom crepes, and blueberries blintzes. Cleaning of the pan is also quite simple. You just have to use warm water, mild soap and any other regular kitchen cleaning ingredients to clean this pan.



5. Hawkins/Futura Q41: Best Non-Stick Crepe Pan

Hawkins/Futura Q41 Nonstick Flat Dosa Tava/Griddle

When it is about the best crepe pan, you can always consider this highly simplistic model from Hawkins Future. It is basically a non-stick pan, a traditional one, which has got a non-stick coating on it so that the batter spread on the top is not damaged.

While this pan is suitable for various tasks, you can primarily use it for making crepes, pancakes, and other breakfast choices. You can use it for making the finest crepes. Basically, it has heavy gauge hard anodized aluminum which make this product heavy duty and one of the most reliable ones.

The base is extra thick so that it can ensure even heat spread all over on the griddle. Plus, the handle always stays cool, regardless of the amount of heat spread beneath the griddle. This one can cook food with least or even no oil because of the fact that it is non-stick.

This one is the best crepe pan for beginners. This pan is not largely priced as well. The size is also fine but you cannot make more than one crepe at a time.



6. Cook N Home Non-stick Heavy Gauge

Cook N Home Non-stick Heavy Gauge

The griddle from Cook N Home is one of the finest products in our list. It is also made of aluminum material which help in spreading heat evenly to all the parts of the pan. The cooking is done finely.

This model is not particularly for crepe but it can also work with all other kinds of cooking things such as pancakes, or any other breakfast item that is made with batter.

This one makes crispy crepes without breaking them at all. Also, the non-stick material requires less or meager oil for cooking. So, basically, this pan is a great option for people who are health concerns.

The cleaning part is also easy. Again, since it is a non-stick pan, you will be able to rinse all the leftovers of the batter and oil easily off the pan. But, make sure that you only wash it with hand plus not to use harsh soap in the process.

Then, this is a lightweight product so you won’t find any trouble air flipping the crepe. Although, not many people can master the art of air flipping crepes because these are thin and flipping them is not so easy.



7. HIC French Crepe Pan, Blue Steel, Made in France

HIC French Crepe Pan, Blue Steel, Made in France

HIC is a French crepe pan that is ideal for the crepe and pancakes. The pan understands the needs of cooking and also the fact that you are pretty health conscious and don’t want add to much oil in your cooking. That is why, they have given non-stick coating to the pan which completely abolishes immense need of adding oil to the food.

Even if you are adding small portion of oil, you can expect some great crepes. The cooking surface is great for creating, flipping, and plating perfectly thin, crisp, and delicate crepes every time.

This one is made in France from the blue steel which is easy to season and maintain. The quality of non-stick improves as the patina builds up with use over time. It has shallow depth and flared sides that make flipping and plating so easy.

That is why, this pan is perfect for pancakes, fried eggs, crepes, and also meat fries. About the cleaning part, this one is so easy to clean as you just have to gently scrub the surface and use mild soap to clean and then rinse with warm water.



8. Large Crepe Pan Nonstick Coating and Bakelite Handle

Large Crepe Pan Nonstick Coating and Bakelite Handle

This product is from Maxi Nature Kitchenware which is one of the finest cookware brands in Europe. Since crepe is also a European dish, the nation knows quite perfectly how to design the pans that can help with the best cooking. About this pan, it has got non-stick coating which is easy to release and clean the pan.

You will find it quite amazing because it is heat responsive and evenly spread the heat to all the nooks and corners of the pan. Also, it is a great purchase for all the health-conscious people because this one gives you a non-fat cooking option.

The 4 layers hard aluminum heats up rapidly. With this, you even don’t have to use oil at all in order to make crepes. This one is safe to 500 degrees F and retains the moisture of the food. Because of the helpful manufacturing, you can air flip the crepes and even plate the seamlessly. It is one of the best pans in our list.



9. Mauviel Made In France Crepe Pan

Mauviel Made In France Crepe Pan

All the crepe pan brands from France manufacture super amazing products because they equip their products with all the essential features. This one has got such an amazing style and design.

It is made of black steel which is completely stain resistant. On the top of that, you will never find rust or corrosion building up on it. The non-stick coating makes sure that you don’t have to drop a lot of oil on the food in order to get it cooked.

Then, the handle is too large and completely resist the heat so that the user can conveniently pick the pan up. Air flipping, plating, etc. all these tasks can be done so easily with this pan. However, you will find it a little expensive but nevertheless, the praiseworthy features make it all for you.



10. Cuisinart FCT23-24NS French Classic Tri-Ply Nonstick Crepe Pan

Cuisinart FCT23-24NS French Classic Tri-Ply Nonstick Crepe Pan

Of course, it is a Cuisinart product so it is meant to be expensive, but the quality is unarguably great. This pan is decently sized and made by in French pan style so that they can give you the best of the material and quality. This product has got all the essential features that you may wish to have in your crepe pan.

The designing is done in such a way that flipping the crepe and plating it would be so simple. You can make perfect crepes for your family, without worrying about adding too much oil to their food.

Overall, the quality of the product is too amazing. Also, the cleaning is simple because of the non-stick pan. You can simply use mild soap and gently scrub all the dirt off the pan. If you are looking for a griddle that is usable for multiple purposes and can help you in making the best batch of crepe then this one is the perfect product for you.



Well, now you know them better than before, how about pondering some of the information on how you can buy the best pan online. We will give you tips on how to buy the best crepe pan as well as suggest you the most successful models in the market. This way, you don’t have to waste your time and money on anything useless. Let’s go:

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Crepe Pans

Like we were saying above, there are few tips that you should have in mind if you want to buy the best pan. Our guide will help you through all the questions that you have in your mind about these pans. So, let’s first begin with the tips:


First of all, it is highly important to consider the material of the pan. Well, if you ask us, then we will suggest you the most authentic choice which is cast iron. But the trend of this material has gone down over the years because of its high weight. This material makes handling the pan super complex.

Other than that, the maintenance and caring of crepe pan cast iron is also a big challenge. That is why these days you can find many other materials in the market that are coated with non-stick materials so that the crepe doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. Some of these materials are Teflon and Stainless Steel.

Both these materials are light in weight and also very easy to clean and maintain. It doesn’t really matter what pan you have opted to use. One thing that should be there is its property to make great crepes. While steel and Teflon pans are light in weight but at the same time, these get scratched very easily.

Even if you have used a harsh cleaning tool on them, the color and coating will come off. Also, this will lead to uneven cooking of the crepe. You can go for aluminum, blue-steel, or cast-iron pans. While these are a little expensive and also demand a good amount of maintenance, you will not have to worry about their durability.

Ease of Handling

Next very important factor to consider is how much handling is needed by the pan. So, we will discuss some of the significant handling features that a pan must have:

The rim of the pan should be lower. This makes sliding and flipping task easy. There is all kind of pans available in the market. But you should buy the one with a lower rim, especially if you want to speed up the task and master the art of air flipping the crepes.


The crepe pans are special appliances and they need extra care while cleaning. Most of the pans can be easily cleaned with a soft sponge. But at the same time, others can be cleaned with a soft cloth. For the special pans, you may have to oil or season it before using.

All in all, you have to be careful while picking the right crepe pan. If you have kids in the house and you make crepe a lot then it is better to select the low-maintenance pans. They will be so much easier to handle.

How to Use A Crepe Pans?

Crepe is one of the most liked meal and you can take it at any time of the day such as for breakfast, post lunch, as a dessert, etc. That is why mastering the art of making crepe is something that you must have.

Usage of these pans is nothing too complex because they don’t have a tricky formula. It is all about making the right batter. But yes, there are a few things that you must keep into account as you make that crepe. Let’s see:

So, these are some of the essential tips for you to keep in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are seasoning crepe pans and why should you do it?

Crepe pans should be seasoned so that your crepe batter doesn’t stick to the pan and you need less fat to cook the crepe. A crepe pan with a non-stick surface such as the Cuisinart 623-24 doesn’t need seasoning. However if it’s composed of carbon or steel you might have to do it.


2. Can crepe pans be used on induction hobs?

Yes, you can. To use crepe pans on induction hobs opt for an induction friendly pan which can be non-stick or a cast iron skillet or griddle. However, the pan you’ll use should cover the entire area of the heating element but it shouldn’t exceed the area of the stove top.

3. What else can you cook using a crepe pan?

Contrary to its name crepe pans can be used to cook a number of food items like eggs. Sausages. Pancakes etc. However, its shallow nature wouldn’t be suitable for you to cook heavily prepared items like boiling pasta or chicken.


Guys, as we finish our perfect pancake pan review, we would like to say that while there are various crepe pans available in the market, you deserve only the best. Whatever we can do, we have mentioned some of the selective pieces above in our list. These pans are durable, economically priced, decent quantity and all of the above, perfect materials.

We have done research for each one of them and has also referred best of the reviews to ensure that our suggestions are good for the users. If you are looking for a genuinely priced and high quality crepe pans then all the models mentioned above will be greatly suitable.

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