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A cooking torch is one of the crucial kitchen appliances used in modern kitchens. It is a dire requirement of every professional that helps in making different food items. This tool makes a scorching flame with the help of flammable fuels such as butane or propane.

That is why these torches are also named as butane torches or culinary torch. It doesn’t matter what you name this product, the functionality of the best kitchen torch remains the same. It is quite a significant tool for every kitchen.

This tool is used for various purposes. Some of the major uses are:

People that are fond of cooking/making different delicacies at home must have a food torch. This product is not only useful in a kitchen but also for various other purposes. Well, selecting the right kitchen torch for different purposes is a difficult task. But we will help you get through this best kitchen torch reviews and discuss some tips to find the right model.

Comparison on 9 Best Kitchen Torch in 2021


Product Name




GiBot Blow Torch Lighter Kitchen Butane Culinary

GiBot Blow Torch Lighter Kitchen Butane Culinary Torch

Security Lock & Anti-Flare 


Searzall Torch Attachment, Small, Stainless

Searzall Torch Attachment, Small, Stainless

High-Temperature-Resistant Wire Mesh

Adjustable High Temperature 

TedGem Culinary Torch

TedGem Culinary Torch, Professional Blow Torch Lighter

Security Lock


Jo Chef Professional Culinary Torch

Jo Chef Professional Culinary Torch

ProfessionAl-grade Materials


Iwatani PRO2 Culinary Butane Torch

Iwatani PRO2 Culinary Butane Torch

Stabilizing Plate


Ankway Culinary Butane Torch

Ankway Culinary Butane Torch

Safety Lock & Adjustable Flame

Adjustable Temperature 

Professional Culinary Torch (Butane)

Kitchen Sophisticate Professional Culinary Torch

Child-Resistant Safety Lock

Adjustable Temperature 

Kitchen Culinary}Torch XPERTS FLAME. (BLACK

Xpert’s Flame Kitchen Culinary Torch

Adjustable Gas Flow Regulator, Window Gauge & Safety Switch


Blow Torch - Best Creme Brulee Torch

Blow Torch – Best Creme Brulee Torc

Safety Lock



Individual Product Reviews

1. GiBot Blow Torch: Best Kitchen Torch for Creme Brulee

GiBot Blow Torch Lighter Kitchen Butane Culinary Torch

The GiBot blow torch is one of the leading models in the market today. You can also consider it to be the best kitchen torch for creme brulee, Barbeque, baking, soldering jewelry, etc.

This one has got a security lock design that helps in preventing the accidents and the wide base helps in preventing butane tip out of the tank. You will find the torch extremely durable as it is made of aluminum alloy body to stay with you for the longest period.

It is a refillable model that comes with temperature adjustment. The torch fits different butane gas refills and offers adjustable flame intensity temperature that goes up to 2500 F.

This way, this model is ideal for different kinds of food making and other recreational uses. The flame lights up as soon as you press to light fire. It is quite functional and easy to operate with the gas flow. Also, the intensity of the flame can be controlled.

The capacity of the tank that can be used with this model is 8-10 grams but the butane gas is not included with this product. Also, we recommend keeping the fire ignition close to keep your kids safe and prevent accidental ignition.



2. Searzall Torch Attachment: Best Professional Kitchen Torch

Searzall Torch Attachment, Small, Stainless

Searzall is the next impressionable model that caught our attention. The Searzall in this product is an attachment that is secured to the top of blowtorch in order to create an ideal searing temperature.

This torch also does not hamper the aroma of the food which generally happens with other kitchen torches. This model, however, is more secure for the food, be it maintaining the nutrition, flavors, or the fragrance.

The flame comes through two layers of high temperature-resistant wire mesh to produce consistent and evenly spread flame. That is why you can easily expect the professional quality finish of the food made with this amazing torch.

As I said before, this one keeps the quality of food consistent and do not harm it via its high flame. Thanks to the wire mesh, a lot of damage can be saved on the food.

The back screen of this torch is coated with palladium that offers perfect oxidation and temperature resistance, making this product even successful. This one comes with 1 Searzall, an aluminum adapter, 2 mm Allen key, pre-attached thumbscrew, a spacing stick, and an Allen screw pre-attached to sleeve adapter, etc.

The torch is compatible with Bernzomatic TS8000 torch head and 16.4-ounce propane tank. However, you will not get the tank along with the product but you can buy it individually. This one is a great product that is totally worth every penny spent. So, don’t miss this best professional kitchen torch.



3. TedGem Culinary Torch: Best Kitchen Blow Torch

TedGem Culinary Torch, Professional Blow Torch Lighter

If you don’t want to compromise with the modernity of the kitchen and at the same time wants to purchase a product that is great in performance then this best kitchen blow torch is your finest purchase. The TedGem culinary torch is a perfect kitchen torch that comes with a professional torch lighter.

This model has a professional lock to prevent accidents, especially with the kids. You just have to slide the lock off and sit relaxed as the safety is ensured. In order to use the torch, you have to turn on the flame knob and as you hear the gas flow, simply press the ignition button. The working of this torch is pretty simple.

In terms of quality, this one is an ideal model used in home kitchens and even by the professionals. This one will be able to make the best crème Brulee and other food items. So, you can get ready to surprise your friends and family with the new kitchen torch that is capable of doing so much such as BBQ, baking, dessert brazing, etc.

Other than these, being adjustable is one of the major pros of this torch. You can adjust the temperature as per your requirement. Also, it controls to customize the anti-flare flame to perfection.

The range of temperature is up to 2500 F. this way, you can conveniently choose the flame according to the requirement of the meal. The gas flow regulator easily controls the flow of gas for added benefit.

You can use the torch with the Butane gas refills that are easily available online. Also, with the fuel gauge indicator, you can always be prepared to change the tank as you see it empty. This one is a durable and dependable model that will not compromise with the look of your kitchen and also deliver amazing performance.



4. Jo Chef Professional Culinary Torch: Best Culinary Torch

Jo Chef Professional Culinary Torch

With a Jo Chef professional culinary torch in your kitchen, you don’t have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy your favorite meals at a restaurant. You can make anything you want at home, exactly in the restaurant style.

This model is a heavy-duty kitchen torch that comes with an adjustable temperature range that goes up to 2500 F. This way, you can easily sear meat, brown brulees, roast pepper, etc.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new user or experienced one, the safety of every user is ensured with the professional grade materials and offering you with an easy to use the tool. There are multiple adjustable flame functions that give you the liberty to sear different food items. It also helps you in enhancing your kitchen skills

Traditionally, a kitchen torch is supposed to be used inside the kitchen area but these tools are highly useful for various other tasks such as welding small plastics, processing jewelry items, or in other DIY projects, lighting candles, lighting cigars, etc.

This model comes with an incredible packing, making it an essential and highly benefiting gift option for your loved ones. You can gift it to your near and dear ones on their wedding or even Christmas.

To add to your delight, this best culinary torch comes with a free 23 recipe ebook.



5. Iwatani PRO2: Best Culinary Butane Torch

Iwatani PRO2 Culinary Butane Torch

This model from Iwatani is a great budget kitchen torch available with amazing features. This model is also equipped with an adjustable flame size and shape to concentrate the flame as much or as little as you require.

This feature is very essential for every kitchen torch because it allows the user to prepare the food according to the different searing need of every different food item. Furthermore, this model comes with one touch piezo ignition and stabilizing plate to keep you safe.

Just like all the leading models, this kitchen torch is also great for roasting and charring vegetables, glazing ham, browning and crisping toppings, melting cheese, and producing the sugary crust on crème Brulee, meringues and pastries.

This one is a portable torch that you can take along with you on a camping trip as well. Whenever you feel the need to make a professional dish, you can use it anywhere you like to accomplish your desire.

This torch is an ideal choice for domestic as well as professional usage. Also, many professionals use it in their kitchen for searing the food. You can add complex flavors and amazing textures to finish off your steaks, fish, chicken, and vegetables in very less time.

It is a top-quality kitchen torch that you can buy for routine usage. We also insist our buyers for this model is because of its affordable costing, stunning looks and excellent performance.



6. Ankway Culinary Butane Torch

Ankway Culinary Butane Torch

The Ankway Culinary Butane Torch is one of the most admired kitchen tools in our kitchen torch review. If you don’t want to get any kind of annoyance then this one is the ideal choice to make.

Due to the premium making with an aluminum alloy body, this one will not break easily and serve you for a long period. This one has got a great locking mechanism for efficiency and added the security of the buyer. It does not accidentally get flamed by the children and cause damage.

The appearance of this torch is attractive and the functions are super convenient. it is ideal for Brulees, searing tomato skins, melting cheese, glazing ribs, lighting a campfire, your cigars and more.

The adjustable flame of this model is great for searing different food products. So, whatever you cook, there is an option for flame adjustment for the same that will help you in enhancing the quality of the meal.

This model is also very easy to use. All you have to do is to press the button and lock the flame. This model is compatible with the Butane gas tank which is refillable. This one is lightweight and comes with an ergonomic handle to boost the grip and prevent hand fatigue. Other than making food, this kitchen torch is also ideal for soldering jewelry items, DIY projects, etc.



7. Kitchen Sophisticate Professional Culinary Torch

Kitchen Sophisticate Professional Culinary Torch

This model from Kitchen Sophisticate is also one of the best kitchen torches in our list today. This one is a multipurpose kitchen torch that helps in searing meat, caramelize dessert, brazing vegetables, preparing BBQ, etc.

As you can see, this one comes handy when you need it for different kitchen tasks. The smart adjustable flame makes it even more indigenous and robust in usage. This gives you the freedom to prepare different meals easily, without much hassle. The gas flow regulator on the torch helps in with the adjustment of the flame.

Also, this one is available with safety lock to keep you and your kids safe from accidental ignition of the flame. Other than that, the major concern of every buyer is the handle of the torch because it has to be held in the hand for 60 minutes if it does not come along with a torch holder.

So surely, this could tire your hand, giving it wrist fatigue. That is why this model is equipped with an extremely comfortable handle to keep your hand at ease.

For Creme Brulee lover’s, this one is more than just a normal torch because it comes with versatile functions to give better meals. This one can be taken along to the camps, used for soldering jewelry, survival fires, etc.



8. Xpert’s Flame Kitchen Culinary Torch

Xpert’s Flame Kitchen Culinary Torch

This model from Xpert’s Flame is a perfect kitchen torch available with great features. The adjustable flame feature gives this model a perfect innovative mechanism that every buyer would love to have in their purchased torch.

This feature will help users in preparing different kinds of meals with ease. You just have to move the regulator knob in different sides to adjust the flame. The functionality of this model is quite simple and easily understandable.

All the leading models in the kitchen torch also have a safety feature where the security of the user is given significant priority. In this innovative model, the safety button protects the user.

Basically, this button locks the ignition and prevent accidents from kids or even the user himself. Furthermore, there is adjustable temperature control, window gauge, and a safety switch that improves the usage of the product.

This one is a great gifting choice for your loved ones. The makers guarantee that you bring home only the most reliable model that gives you much joy of making different food.



9. Blow Torch – Best Creme Brulee Torch

Blow Torch - Best Creme Brulee Torc

If you have been searching for the professional range kitchen torch then your search probably ends here. This model is equipped with all the features that professionals expect from their torch tools.

The torch can prepare high-quality restaurant food such as caramelizing Creme Brulee, searing the steak, roasting bells and peppers, melting cheese, toasting bread crumbs, etc.

The temperature in this model goes up to 2375 F, making this model extremely powerful and performance rich. With the burning time of 60 minutes, this one will serve you for long searing shifts.

Also, the adjustable flame helps in preparing different kinds of food items. To be honest, this product is great in quality and comes with brilliant features.

The security of the user is completely ensured as it comes with a rigid child lock. This way, even in your absence, your child will never be able to operate the torch and cause any damage. Due to the fact that this model comes in beautiful packing and it is great in features, you can easily gift it to your friends and relatives.



Things to Consider before Buying A Kitchen Torch

A kitchen torch is a significant purchase. You surely don’t want to waste your money on something that lacks performance. In order to help you in making the right purchase, we will discuss some of the tips on buying the right product.

Variable Temperature Range

In this fast world, people don’t really have a lot of time to wait for the food to take time to prepare. A kitchen torch must have variable options for temperature settings. This way, if you wish to speed up the task then you can by increasing the temperature capacity.

Every torch that you consider must have a minimum reach of 2500 Fahrenheit. Any torch less than the minimum range specified here will take a lot of time to serve you with the food.

Also, the size of the flame should also be controllable. With an adjustment lever, you should be able to control the flame. Moreover, the hissing and roaring flames should be dark blue, narrow, and relatively short. And also make sure that the lever must have good resistance to not move. This can cause unexpected accidents in the kitchen.

Ergonomic Handle

Since the kitchen torch will be in your hand for a long time, it is essential for the handle to be comfortable and not give you waist fatigue. Make sure that the product you choose has a rubber wrap on the handle. It will be extremely comfortable to hold.

These days, the models available in kitchen torch comes with a tabletop stand which is detachable. You can use it for hand free usage.

You must note that a kitchen torch is usually used for a long time so that it will be great if you can get a stand for it.

Burn Time

There are various models available in kitchen torch with different burn time. But the one with at least 60 minutes burn time is the best one to choose.

Most of the food items take a lot of time. For example, if you are looking for the best kitchen torch for creme brulee then you will look for the model that has sufficient burn time, isn’t it?

Just make sure that any torch you buy should have at least a burn time of 60 minutes. The more time it can serve is better.

Safety Lock

You cannot really keep kids away from the kitchen. And with such appliances in the kitchen, you can never rest assured that your child will not burn himself.

These torches usually come with safety lock. Be sure to pick the model that comes with a safety lock and meets CPSC safety requirements to keep your child safe.

Other Features

There are some other features that you can consider such as, a fuel level gauge that can tell how much fuel is left inside the tank. Just image, you are getting ready to make something interesting for your husband as a surprise and the tank is empty without any prior notice, how annoying will it be at the last moment.

How to Use a Kitchen Torch?

The working of Butane cooking torch is quite similar to the pipe lighters or cigars. A constant stream of thin air is propelled from the fire, irrespective of the angle you hold the torch.

The hand-held torches are easy to operate and comes with a mini fuel tank that can be refilled and the easy process of refill is mandatory. The working mechanism of the kitchen torch is very simple. Most of these models come with an adjustable flame level.

All you have to do is to press the lever after adjusting the flame level and face it towards the food. These torches are very essential for bakers and professional chef. If you want to be a food dresser then perhaps you should get your own kitchen torch as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are butane torches safe for food?

Butane is a pure alkaline which does not produce any harmful combustion products. Thus it won’t harm your food in any way and is completely safe for culinary use

  1. kitchen torch vs regular torch: why you need to use a kitchen torch.

Regular torches found in hardware stores are not manufactured to be used in cooking. Which is why a lot of factors wouldn’t make it appropriate to use it as an alternative for kitchen torches. Such as lack of pressure regulation which wouldn’t allow you to tip it down or using propane which will create a difference in taste and smell.

  1. Can you sear meat using a kitchen torch?

Kitchen torch is a much more convenient alternative for searing meat than doing it on the stove. Its a lot easier and ensures the exact texture you want for your meat.


The kitchen torch is a great gift for anyone with love of cooking and preparing a different kind of food at home. We have suggested some of the incredible choices in the kitchen torch above that will suit the budget of every individual. These torches are equipped with excellent features such as security lock, adjustable temperature, adjustable flame, etc.

Whatever you expect from a highly functional and innovative kitchen torch, you can get that from these models. We assure that every product listed above is the best value of money.

Make your purchases from the list above and bring home a better way to sear your food items.

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