How to Keep Mice Out of Kitchen Drawers?

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Finding mice in the kitchen drawers can be really disgusting. These animals run all around the kitchen and chew up stuff.

But there’s more to it. In November 2019, there were several reports of plague deaths.

And do you know what mice are really infamous for? Yes, it is the plague.

So, it’s absolutely crucial to be away from unwanted mice invasion. And to help with that, nowadays we have several solutions to solve this mice problem.

But the case is different if mice are in your kitchen drawers.

So, how to keep mice out of kitchen drawers?

Well, you can go either defensive or offensive. And we will explore both the strategies in detail here.

So, let’s not waste any more time, and dive right into the details-

The Offensive Way​

This strategy is all about attacking the mice. The trick is to attack the mice repeatedly so that they stop coming at a point. And the best part about this way is that you don’t have to rip out your cabinets to fight the mice.

Most of the mouse removing techniques actually fall into this category. Now, let’s get going with the techniques-

Use Poison in the Drawers

Mice come into the kitchen drawers in search of food. So, you can kill these by using poison. But this technique is actually a bit time-consuming.

Mice are not as intelligent as humans. So, it’ll take time for them to understand that something’s wrong with the kitchen drawer food.

Now about the poison. Many people fear that by eating a poisoned rat, your pet might die. But this actually depends on a lot of things. For starters, poison works according to body size. So, rat poison has a super low concentration if you consider the size of a cat or a human.

And lastly, let’s talk about the poison type. Find a good all-weather rat poison form the market. Start using it regularly. Mice droppings might vanish after a month.

Use Peppermint Cotton Balls

Humans really like the peppermint flavor. But it’s the opposite in the case of rats. Mice absolutely hate the mint flavor.

So, if you don’t have problems with having the peppermint flavor in your kitchen drawers, then you can try this method.

Here’s what you have to do-

Buy some cotton balls from the market. Next look for peppermint oils. If you don’t have these in your home, then order up. Next, soak the cotton balls with peppermint oil.

Once, you’re done with that, throw 2 or 3 balls into the drawer. You’ll get instant results.

Pet a Cat

It’s like the classic Tom and Jerry. But in reality, the mice aren’t that clever. So, keep your drawers open at night. Hopefully, you’ll see a few dead mice presented to you in the morning.

Moreover, petting a cat is a huge stress reliever. And even if your cat can’t kill mice, it won’t matter. Somehow, mice tend to pick up the signal and leave the place for good.

Defensive Way

Here the idea is to stop mice from entering the house. Another perspective is removing the mice attractor in the house. There are a few proven techniques under this category too. Let’s take a look-

Clean Properly

Mice invade our houses in search of food. There’s a high chance that you didn’t properly clean your food leftovers in the kitchen. And mice have somehow got the sense of it and now they want a taste of it.

So, if you remove the thing that attracts mice, then those won’t be attracted to your kitchen.

Now, you might think that you clean properly but sometimes it’s possible to miss out on some spots. So, clean the whole kitchen surface and especially the drawers with a specific mix.

After you remove those food crumbs, swipe once with regular detergent. Next, make a mix of equal parts of water and vinegar with a few drops of peppermint oil. Spray this mixture onto the kitchen surface and wipe with a clean cloth.

Hopefully, mice will stop coming.

Track those Mice

No, we’re not suggesting you use hidden cameras to track the rat movement at night. There are simpler ways to do that.

Bring in some white flour and spread a thin layer of flour inside your kitchen just before getting to bed. Make sure that you cover the cabinet and drawer properly. Also, don’t forget to cover the wall areas behind the cabinets and drawers.

The next morning, you’ll find footprints. Track those footprints and find out the entry point of those mice.

After finding the entry point, you can apply two techniques-

Take a caulking gun or spray foam and block up that entrance. You can also use steel wools to clock those entrances. There might be a chance that you’ve got several openings from the outside.

So, it’s better to look for more openings that are bigger than half inches in diameter. Start blocking those, one by one.

If you block those properly, then you won’t have to worry about rat invasion anymore.

If you think that finding out all the probable entry points and blocking those is too tiring, then we have another option for you. Here you will set traps inside your home.

Generally, mice get into the house through basements and garages. So, you can set up traps in those places.

Many people are against traps because of safety issues. Children tend to injure themselves by playing with mice traps. But the good news is that now we have child-safe mice traps.

In this way, mice will get trapped before coming to your kitchen drawer.

Final Thoughts

How to keep mice out of kitchen drawers? Follow any of the given methods and we believe you’ll get the results.

However, be careful while poking through the holes and entry points. You might accidentally touch an open electrical wire or something like that. Now go and save your home from rat invasions. Good luck.

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