Cajun Fryer 4 Gallon vs 6 Gallon: Which One to Choose?

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Be it a small family gathering or big parties with your extended family and friends, some freshly fried chips or fish is always perfect to have. And nothing can be better than a deep fryer to do all these cookings.

However, it might be confusing to pick up a fryer depending on its capacity.

So, which one is perfect for you between cajun fryer 4 gallon vs 6 gallon?

The cajun fryer 4 gallon got the baskets that can hold around 8-10 fish fillets in each. On the other hand, 6-gallon baskets can hold 12-15 fish fillets in each. Both of them are double-basket fryers. You can feed 25-30 people using the 4 gallon and 35-40 people using the 6-gallon fryer per hour.

We know you’d want to know more in detail. So what are you waiting for? Let’s swoop into the whole writing to learn better. 

Quick Comparison – 4 Gallon Fryer vs 6 Gallon Fryer

It’s not actually easy to choose between different kinds of stoves or fryers. You would definitely need some basic ideas to make your decision. So here’s a quick comparison between a 4-gallon and a 6-gallon fryer for your convenience.

Features 4-gallon Fryer6-gallon Fryer
Weight 66 Ibs, less heavy than 6-gallon74 Ibs, heavier than 4-gallon
Basket Capacity8-10 fish fillets12-15 fish fillets
Serving25-30 people per hour35-40 people per hour
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

This was just a sneak peek of the whole issue. Let’s get into the details now in the following sections. 

How’s the Structure?

Both 4-gallon and 6-gallon fryers have quite a similar structure and are made of carbon steel. However, the lid or hood of the 6-gallon might break easily because of its heavier weight than the 4-gallon.

But the only shortcoming in both the fryer is that you can’t shut down the hood with the fryer baskets out of the oil. So after you’re done with cooking, you have to leave the baskets in the oil. Otherwise, you need to pull them out of the fryer entirely.

What’s the Capacity of the Fryer?

Be it getting the best toaster or a deep fryer, there are always some points that you’d want to tick off before buying something.

Especially when it comes to the deep fryers, their capacity matters the most. It depends on this fact if you’ll be able to feed your entire family or neighborhood as well.

So let’s find out! 

How Much Oil Goes in the Fryer?

It depends on the type of fryer. The 6-gallon cajun fryer can hold roughly 6 gallons of oil with 90,000 BTU of heat potential.

On the other hand, the 4-gallon fryer can take in approximately 4 gallons of oil with the same heat potential as a 6-gallon fryer.

However, you’ll find a decal on the top of the fryer. As a common rule, put the baskets on the cooking bar. Then fill the puddle nearly 3-4 lines from the tip of the basket. Make sure you don’t over-fill because it’s easier to fill than empty.

How Much Time Does it Take to Heat the Oil?

Well, it’s quite obvious that 4-gallon oil will take less time to be heated than 6-gallon. However, the time difference isn’t much. 

Here, the 4 gallon takes approximately 12-14 minutes. On the other hand, 6 gallons takes almost 14-16 minutes to heat the oil. 

But let me tell you, these times are for propane. Commonly, natural gas takes longer to warm up the oil.

Now let’s see how much food you can fry in these amounts of oil per hour.

How Many People This Fryer Can Feed Per Hour?

Most of the cajun fryer 4-gallon reviews indicate that users fed almost 25-30 people per hour including fish, fries, and hush puppies! Also, the fryer holds the temperature very well. That’s why it doesn’t take much to fry 8-10 fish fillets or around 30 pounds fries or 20 pounds of hush puppies in an hour.

On the other hand, the 6-gallon can feed around 35-40 people per hour. You can fry around 12-15 fish fillets, 50 pounds of fries, or 40 pounds of hush puppies in an hour. This fryer is excellent to fry up to a 14 pounds Turkey as well.

However, the 4 gallon will let you fry the turkey breast very nicely.

Is it Easy to Use?

The baskets that come with these 2 fryers are very easy to handle and cook with. We’ve noticed that there are actually 2 types of baskets that are being used in these fryers. They are-

However, it takes more time in a 4-gallon to fry fish or other foods because of its smaller basket dimension than 6-gallon baskets.

Speaking of baskets, here are some basket recommendations that you can get if the previous one gets damaged or you need some other dimensions. Take a look-

WeChef 2 Pack Deep Fryer BasketCheck Price
Mini Square Fry BasketCheck Price

But again, the 6-gallon is a bit tougher to move around and put pressure on your wrist because of its weight than the 4-gallon.

Is It Easy to Clean?

You see it’s easier to manage the remaining frying oil of the 4 gallon and clean and wash it quickly than the 6-gallon fryer.

Speaking of cleaning and washing, here are some cleaning products that can be helpful for you. Let’s take a look!

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Moreover, there are a few things you would need to do to clean a deep fryer thoroughly. First, drain out the oil fully in a pot through the hose placed behind the fryers. 

Next, you would need to soak a mop or soft-bristled scrub in lukewarm, soapy water to start with. Then take it to wash the remaining grease. However, if you’re unable to clean some spots, make a paste by mixing baking soda and water and apply it, then wash again. Lastly, wash out the deep fryer fully with clear water. Clean it dry with paper towels or a handkerchief.

All this stuff will be very time-consuming when it comes to cleaning the 6-gallon fryer. 

Now let’s find out which one actually meets your demands.

So, Which One are You Going for?

Well, it actually depends on how many people you usually cook for. If it’s only for your small family members or family gathering then the 4-gallon fryer would be more than enough.

On the other hand, the 6-gallon fryer can feed your family and your neighborhood as well at the same time. 

Sometimes people get both of them and fry foods according to their convenience.

Here’s how-

Cajun Fryer 4 gallonFries, hush puppiesCheck Price
Cajun Fryer 6 gallonBig proteinsCheck Price 

Hope this will help you to get the right fryer according to your demands.


Can these fryers be used indoors in the kitchen or inside a food truck?

No, you should use these deep fryers in open-air areas. Because these are driving off propane. So it’s not secure to use these in the kitchen or a food truck.

Can you wash a deep fryer in the dishwasher?

No, you can’t wash a deep fryer in the dishwasher.  Water immersion might result in an electrical short and spoil the fryer. But you can change the oil in a few days after using it frequently.

Can you steam water in the deep fryer?

Yes, you can steam water in the deep fryer. Deep fryers can warm up water up to 190° C and it just takes about 100°C to boil water.

Final Words

This was all we had to explain about Cajun fryer 4 gallon vs 6 gallon.

However, you can spray some vinegar mixed with water to wash these fryers. Because it helps to cut through the grease. 

See you!

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