The Cleaning Process Of Kitchen & How To Choose Best Degreasers For It!

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If the kitchen of a house is not clean enough then how one can maintain the food quality? Because you are doing everything like cleaning and cooking vegetable or fish in your kitchen. So if kitchen’s cleanliness cannot be maintained then there is the question of the hygiene of the food. Thus, it is important to keep it safe for your family.

Make cleaning the kitchen a habit like the other household chores that you do every day. Again choosing a best degreasers for kitchen and keep those separate is also a major thing. Here I am discussing on these kitchen secrets and tips for you.

List Of Cleaning Materials

Before starting the cleaning process of your kitchen you have to know about the cleaning materials. Without a suitable one, your kitchen may not be the perfect one. So here is the list of the commercial kitchen cleaning products are: –

You can choose these materials whichever you think will be better for you. Cleaning bucket is optional for you. If you think you can manage all these things without a bucket, then you can ignore it.

How To Keep Kitchen Clean Daily?

You should proceed in a systematic way when thinking of cleaning your kitchen. Here is the procedure of keeping the kitchen clean-

Step 1:

The first and foremost thing to start the cleanliness is cleaning each dish after eating. Thus, you will be able to avoid any mess in the kitchen. Because the first thing that makes most dirt is those unclean dishes.

After finishing eating, clean the table with a washed towel. Then put the leftovers in airtight boxes and store those in the freeze. Wash and dry all the dishes. Plenty of items are used in kitchen like, pressure cooker, ranges, oven etc. so we have urgency to clean up them properly. Clean stove, floor, table, and spill. After that, wash the sink properly so that there is no dirt left in the sink.

Step 2:

There may fall some dirt in the floor, so clear those spills out with a cloth. Clean all the liquids immediately with a dry towel and spray with an all-purpose cleaner. If you keep that way, then the floor will get slippery with time. Let the area dry. Spills that involves raw meat, clean that place with disinfecting spray so that bacteria can’t grow.

Step 3:

After cleaning all the dishes make the dishwasher empty. That way, your kitchen will look neat and tidy. Empty the counter; keep small appliances in cupboards, have a drawer empty for random items, place pots and pans in their place.

Step 4:

A garbage disposal can produce dangerous bacteria as well as offensive smell. Clean it at least twice a week. First, pour baking soda into it and turn the water, run the waste disposal. Take frozen vinegar cube in the disposal, take it under the water until both the vinegar and baking soda is gone.

Step 5:

Spray all-purpose cleaner on shelf liner and wipe it with a clean cloth. Clean the freezer in the same way. 

Step 6:

Clean the kitchen floor with soapy water, use a sponge to wash your kitchen floor. That way there will be no dust or sticky spots.

Step 7:

Place a recycling bin in the kitchen so that you can throw there the wastes. Place recycling bag on it and after it gets full, you can take it to another secondary storage area. Then clean it with the all-purpose cleaner and dry it before placing another recycling bag.

Step 8:

If you buy raw fish or meat then after cutting and cleaning those, store in the refrigerator. If there is any wastage from these left in the kitchen wipe those out immediately as these create bad smell and bacteria can grow. Wipe the floor with soapy water.

Step 9:

When you finished preparing food, there is the possibility of growing bacteria. So clean all the tools that you used for cooking and preparing food with hot soapy water. In that way, there will be no grease left.

How To Keep Clean Kitchen Drawers?

There may be three kinds of kitchen drawers. The cleaning process of these drawers are given below –

Cleaning kitchen drawers that are stained

Step 1:

Open the drawers and empty it. Put all the contents together in some place that were in the drawers.

Step 2:

Mix mild soap in a small bucket of water and wash inside the drawers with a sponge. Then dry it by wiping with a clean and dry towel.

Step 3:

Take oil soap and warm water in a container and test it on inconspicuous parts of the drawer to check that it won’t harm the finish

Step 4:

Dip a sponge in the warm water, clean the drawers and then wipe it with a dry towel.

Step 5:

Rinse the sponge well so there is no dirt. If necessary, apply wax finish to restore drawers’ shine and then put all the things in the cabinet.

Cleaning drawers that are painted

Step 1:

Empty the drawers and clean with soapy water.

Step 2:

Apply the same solution outside the drawers after wiping those with a dry towel.

Step 3:

Leave the drawers to dry and pick the pots in the drawer.

Cleaning drawers made of metal or laminate

Step 1:

Empty the drawers and clean those with a spray cleaner.

Step 2:

Apply the spray outside the drawer too and wipe out with a dry and clean towel.

Step 3:

Return the appliances in the drawers.

How To Clean Kitchen Shelves?

The steps for cleaning the shelves of the kitchen are given below –

Step 1:

Remove all the plates, utensils, tools, bowls and other gadgets from the shelves first.

Step 2:

Take a bucket and fill it with warm water. Then mix some mild soap with the warm water. Take a sponge that has both smooth and rough sides so that you can use both sides when it needs. Wipe down the shelves from top to bottom. Where there is grease, wipe it with the rough side of the sponge. After wiping those, dry with a clean paper or dish towel.

Step 3:

There may have some stinks of water for regular use on the front side of the shelves. Wipe thoroughly with the rough side of the sponge then let it dry.

Step 4:

Return all the dishes in its place on the shelves. Before this, if you want you can thoroughly wash the dishes to ensure that the shelves will be clean.

How To Choose Best Degreasers?

For dissolving grease, degreasers are the best option to choose. You can easily clean any greasy mess using degreasers and for that, you don’t have to work hard. The best ones are economical as well as environmentally friendly. So when you are looking for degreasers for kitchen, there are some criteria you should take into account –

How To Use Degreaser Kitchen?

If you give the degreaser enough time to work, then you will see the benefit. Leave to soak the degreaser for 10 minutes and you will see the magic. The using procedure of degreaser is here –

Thus, you can use degreaser. You can also use vinegar as a degreaser. For that, the ratio of vinegar and water is 1:4. After applying it on the surface of your kitchen, you have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Wood cabinets of the kitchen you can clean with white spirit. But you have to be very much careful when using it as a degreaser.


The kitchen is like the heart of your home and maintains the cleanliness of your kitchen is totally up to you how you want to do it. Managing the kitchen is very much possible if you give it some time daily.

You need to clean your kitchen daily if you don’t want to work hard at the weekend. When you are thinking of keeping it clean, don’t forget about degreasers for kitchen. I have already discussed how you can simply clean your kitchen with the shortest possible time. So keep the kitchen clean!


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