Different Ways To Use A Magnetic Knife Holder

By Kristy Warren •  Updated: 01/05/21 •  6 min read

Magnetic knife holders are one of most the useful daily life kitchen gears.

Though it’s mainly used for keeping knives to its fixed place, it has multiple uses indeed. Besides, it can be a very good holding tool not only in your kitchen but in places like your dining space, office room, beside your desk, balcony, reading room, and even your bathroom.

But many of us do not know about the multipurpose use of a magnetic knife holder and so most people consider it as a not so good tool. Are you one of them? If you are, this article will help you to know the versatile use of the holding tool.

Check below to get the clear idea on this topic.

Multiple Use of A Magnetic Knife Holder

We have already mentioned some places up where you can hook up your magnetic knife holder to make it a multipurpose tool. Now, check what you can place on this magnetic tool from below. Here they are.

Different Size Knives: It’s the best knife storage idea that helps you to find your exact knife whenever you need. It can hold any sized knife, a big one, medium-sized or a big one.  

Toolkit: Use a magnetic holder to mount your needed toolkits. It can hold a scissor, screwdriver, steel screw box, wrenches, putty knife, pliers and many more tools you use daily. 

Scissor: This most used tool that gets lost very often which is too irritating. But if you mount it in a magnetic knife holder and fix it in your working place this trouble will be no more.

Spice Jar: You can hang your spice jar on the wall with a magnetic knife holder attached in a vertical position. Besides, making it easy to find when cooking, it makes your kitchen look good.

Lids and Pan: Extra lids and most needed pans can be kept on a magnetic knife holder. It is great to keep them there because it helps a lot to tidy up the kitchen. 

Kitchen Utensils: There is much small kitchen stuff that gets lost again and again. To lessen this problem mount them in a magnetic knife holder and forget this problem. Spoons, Kitchen thermometer, measurement cups, egg beater, magnetic knife board and many kitchen tools can be stored like this.

Key Rings and Lock: Forget the key lost problem by hooking up a magnetic knife holder beside your door, closet, desk and places where you need your keys. You can mount your lock in a magnetic knife holder as well.

Desk Stuffs: You can mount your pen, notes, ruler, sharpener, pen holder, paper clips, stapler machine and pin, pen drive and all other small desk stuffs to find them easily when you need. 

Paint Brush: You can keep the paintbrush attached to a magnetic knife holder to store them accurately. 

Makeup Brush: Hook up a magnetic knife holder beside your dressing table or makeup drawer to keep the makeup brush there.

Hair Clips: You can keep your hair clips, bobby clips, punch clips on a magnetic knife holder to find them easily.

Soap Case: Hook up a magnetic knife holder in your bathroom to mount the soap case with the help of this tool anywhere you want.

Cleaning Brushes: Keep your bathroom or kitchen cleaning brush on a magnetic knife holder to find them quickly whenever you need.

So, these are multipurpose use of a magnetic knife holder. But there is another thing you should know to get the best use of your magnetic holder and that is the magnetic knife holder installation system. If you have idea on this, you can fix this tool accurately where this is needed the most. If you don’t have any idea on this fact, here are some ideas for you.

Installation Ideas for The Magnetic knife holder

The topic consists of two facts. One is the hook-up position and the other is the place selection to hook-up this tool. Both the facts have been discussed below. Check it out.


You can hook up your magnetic knife holder in these positions,

Vertical Position: This position is mainly for the space between two things. When you have to hook-up your magnetic knife holder between the wall spaces of the cabinet and sink this position is right. Mainly, this position is accurate in wide width spaces. A tip is to make sure the knives don’t touch each other so that they don’t collapse and get a bent tip anyway.

Horizontal Position: Hook up your magnetic knife holder in this position if you have a narrow space and where the length is longer not the width. If you have to fix it in any corner this position is good. 


Select any of the place ideas below to hook-up your magnetic knife holder accurately. Here you go.

Under the cabinet: Place it under the wall cabinet. Actually, this is the most common and also a perfect place to hook up your magnetic knife holder. Use the free space to place your magnetic knife holder and make your kitchen look tidy.

In the bathroom: If you want to use it to keep bathroom tools select a perfect place according to the pattern of your bathroom and fix this tool there.

Beside your desk: Keep your desk stuff in the magnetic knife holder by hooking up it near to the desk.

Near the door: Attaching a magnetic knife holder near to your door is excellent because you can keep your keys and the lock here. Whenever you go out your keys and lock is near to your hand. 

Stove area: Hook-up your magnetic knife holder to the stove area. If you are going to mount your kitchen utensils, this place is correct for you.

Up to the sink: Usually, There is enough space over the sink. You can use the place to attach your magnetic knife holder and make the best your of that place.

So, these are the kitchen knife storage ideas you may follow. Always choose the place according to the stuff you want to store to ensure the perfect installation.

Best Magnetic Knife Holder Tips

In this article, we have discussed the multiple uses of a magnetic knife holder along with the installation ideas but all of them are useless if you don’t have a good magnetic knife. If you are about to get one you must know which one is best. To let you know here is the buying tips below.

Check if the magnetic knife holder holds tight

Purchase a good magnetic knife holder according to these requirements to get the best one.


If you have read this article thoroughly you should have known the benefits and various using ways of a magnetic knife holder by now. So, bring variety in the use of your magnetic knife holders and if you don’t have this tool get the best one from the recommended tools up.

Hope the article was helpful. Thanks for being with us.

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