The Ultimate Guides On Kitchen Lighting Ideas

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Want to illuminate your kitchen in the right way and get the right brightness level on the right spot? Then scroll down this article to get some lustrous ideas about kitchen lighting.

Kitchens might be made to serve the primary motive of cooking meals but it can be turned into a mood-lifting spot if the right kind of lighting is ensured in the right area.

Picking the perfect kitchen lighting

Choosing kitchen lightings might seem like a hurdle. But if you are well aware of your taste and your kitchen then it is an easy job. You will find many sorts of lightings in the market. LED lights, Hanging Edison lights, Pendant lights, etc. You should always consider the size and height of your kitchen while choosing your right kind of light. Pendant lights are always the best option while choosing kitchen lights as they blend in pretty well with both traditional and modern kitchens. Wall lights go well with small kitchens. To give your modern kitchen a bit of twist, go with industrial light with a hint of stainless steel. Also if you can install an island in your kitchen you definitely should accent it with ceiling lightings. The contrast of the lights and the island will give your kitchen a splendid look and vibe.

Two factors should be taken into account in this case. One, the height of the ceiling and two, the height of the people living inside the house.

Industrial fitting colors used to be the ideal kitchen lighting colors previously. Now bolder colors are being more used in kitchens. Colors like red, blue, yellow and green are giving a new touch to the room of food production. Interesting colors and lighting designs will make your kitchen look more brighten up than cynical. Match your taste to give your kitchen a vibe of your preference.

Your kitchen would be needing different levels of brightness on different corners. The stove area differently needs the ultimate level of brightness so does the chopping board area and the sink. But it should not be out of the eye-level consumption. If you like the ambient to be a bit dim then go for less bright lights. It is recommended that small, compact LED lights work best under-cupboards.

Nowadays it is pretty trendy to use wires for your kitchen lighting. It is not that expensive as well. So, you can upgrade or uninstall these sort of lights with the flow of the trend. This is the perfect way to put your personal touch in your house if you are short of money for a whole new light fixture. It will also give your kitchen a minimalist industrial look.

LED lights are usually and frequently used in modern kitchens. These lights are very cost-efficient as well as energy-efficient. LED kitchen lighting fixtures are said to be the future of kitchen lightnings. Some LED lights have dimmer switches which can be used to brighten up the room for food prep and then toned down to make the perfect atmosphere for entertaining purposes.

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What to look for in kitchen lighting

Lights might have a lot of features on them. But for your compact and ultimate kitchen light consider these factors:

Color temperature: 

Look for a bulb that is 2700 to 3000 Kelvin as it will match the color temperature of incandescent lamping and it will blend well with your kitchen.

CRI rating:

Color rendering index (CRI) is a very important factor as it interprets the color of light. A low CRI light will look more gray and cynical. High CRI lights will flourish your kitchen better and you will see the colors rendering inside your kitchen. A CRI of 80 or higher mainly does a perfect job.

Energy Star:

This is the justification that the light bulb was tested in the right manner and has a minimum level of 80 CRI.

What is the latest trend in kitchen lighting

Kitchen lightnings should be versatile just like the room itself. Nowadays cooking with ease is not only the purposes of a kitchen it also works a place of amusement. As most of us spend a decent amount of our time in kitchens.


Decorations and designs

Designed lights are eye candy in a kitchen. Designed light will not only beautify the look of your kitchen it will also increase and give a wholesome vibe in your mood which will provide a positive effect on your functionality.

Kitchen lighting can sometimes be the least of your concerns but the perfect lighting would make small kitchens seem larger, alter your mood and make you feel energetic or soothing. That is why you should not be confused about installing this architectural bling and make the most efficient use of your decision.

So, play that favorite music track of yours, light up your kitchen and cook while being in the mood!

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