Toasters : 10 Secret Hacks On 2 Slice Toasters

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Using a toaster, you can do multiple tasks. It is an innovative gadget for cooking. You don’t need to pull out your frying pan for making your desired food. Just end up your cooking in a few minutes by it.

In this article, I have brought up the meaning of the numbers on a toaster, 10 secret hacks on 2 slice toasters and also the aspects using of a toaster. Hope you will get detail knowledge from it.

2-Slice Toaster or 4-Slice Toaster?

We generally use a toaster to make our breakfast or snacks more quickly. For this purpose, 4 slice toasters are obviously better than 2 slice toasters.

If you want a quick breakfast, go for a 4 slice toaster. You can toast more for the same time.

Though 2 slice toasters are cheaper than the four slice toasters but if your whole family goes to outside every morning, 4 slice toaster will be the better option for you.

Because you can toast 4 slices of bread at the same time using a 4 slice toaster. It will save your time as well as effort.

Not only that, you can make many other food items using a 4 slice toaster. It is the best option for the typical busy family.

And of course-, the toasted food will be of better quality. It will be delicious and crispy.

What Do the Numbers on the Toasters Mean?

Ever wondered about what do the numbers on a toaster mean? Many of us think that the numbers on toasters mean the timer. But actually, it is not!

Actually, timer varies in different toasters. Each toaster toasts the food item according to its efficiency and energy. So the duration is different for all toasters. The toasting time actually depends on the thermostat system of individual toaster machines. That is also dependent on the nature of the material or system design. A fancy toaster or a regular one, built material makes them different from each other.   

In some toaster, you may set the number to 2 or 3 for complete toasting. On the other hand, you have to set the number to 3 or 4 in many toasters for thoroughly cooked toast. That means the numbers on toaster differs.

10 Secret Hacks on 2 slice toasters

Here are 10 innovative secret hacks on two slice toaster which will amaze you for sure. Besides everyday bread toast, you can make various kinds of delicious food items using this only one toaster.

It will save your time and effort. Let’s discuss.

Grilled Cheese

If you are a cheese lover, than grilled cheese in toaster with foil can be your new favourite way of having cheese. You don’t need to bring a frying pan if you have a 2 slice toaster. It is very easy to make a cheese toast using the toaster. 

For this, you need to grab a toaster bag. Then take some buttered bread and obviously your favorite cheese. Any kind of cheese is acceptable for this task. Add the cheese with your butter bread.

It will be better if you add cheese bag into two breads. Otherwise, pieces of cheeses will be messed up. Now put the bread into the toaster. And keep it for some minutes. Now see the magic. You will be amazed for sure.

It will give you a cheesy and tasty cheese toast. Many of us don’t know the process. So they have to pull out their frying pan. They also have to use oil for this purpose. But toaster is not for toasting bread.

It is used for many purposes like above. Let’s see.

Burger Patty

Not only cheese toast you can make any kind of burger patty using a two slice toaster. Isn’t it amazing? Many of you didn’t know it before. But now, it’s time to know the best hacks of the toaster.

To make a burger patty you don’t need to a lot of tasks. You can easily place it in the toaster. A two-slice can cook the burger patty thoroughly. Take any kind of ingredient for the patty like the vegetable, meat or egg. Now also take a butter bun.

At first toast the butter bun properly. And then pop the patty in the toaster. Play the toaster for two rounds. Now see the change. You will be astonished to see the magic for the first time. The party will be amazingly cooked


Doesn’t it sound a little bit weird? Yes, but it is true. Just try it at your home and make yourself amazed. It is very much easy to make tortilla using a toaster!

You need to buy some ingredients from the market. Such as: flour, corn, and tortilla flour. Now start cooking. Bring some flour into a bowl. Now add some cornflower and of course the tortilla flour into the bowl.

Mix the ingredients properly. Now make dough. Now cut it in small pieces like tortilla and nachos. Now put them into the toaster. Each time put two or four pieces of tortilla into the toaster.

For better result, you can also use some olive oil. Mix the olive oil with the tortillas using a brush. Then put it into the toaster again for deep brown color. 

To make the tortillas tastier gather your seasoning while the tortillas are toasting. Now bring some salt, cumin or chili powder and sprinkle it on the fried tortillas.

And finally have delicious, fresh and crispy tortillas.


You can also cook healthy foods using a toaster. Like asparagus. You don’t need to manage frying pan or extra oil for this. Asparagus made in a toaster is more healthy and tasty. It will also help you to save your time.

Take an aluminum foil for this. You can also use a toaster bag instead of it. Now gather fresh asparagus. Put the asparagus into the toaster bag or the aluminum foil. Add your seasoning according to your taste. Now toast them.

Trust me you will be shocked for sure seeing the result. Just taste them.


Yes, here I am letting out some secret tips. Make your favorite bacon fries using it. Yes, it will work. You need aluminum foil bag or toaster bag for this hack.

Now take some bacon pieces. Mix some oil with it using a brush. Don’t forget to gather your seasoning. Now pop it into the toaster.

After a few minutes, you will get crispy and tasty bacon fries.  


Make your children’s favorite chicken nuggets using two slice toasters. Here again, use your toaster bag. Now toast the nuggets as said before and get the delicious chicken nuggets.

You don’t need to be tensed about the burning of the nuggets. And will take a few minutes. The Nuggets will not be overcooked. It will be fluffy and also crispy.

Potato Toast

Make sweet potato toast using two slice toasters. Slice sweet potatoes into thin pieces. Now put it into the toaster. Keep it into the toaster for some time. Now get the toasted potato.

You can also add your desired topping with it.

Taco Shells

Like tortilla cook your taco shells applying the same methods. And have a delicious meal.

French Fries

You don’t need to purchase frozen fries from the market. Say bye to your laziness and make fresh French fries using fresh potatoes.

Cut the potatoes in small pieces. And now pour it into the toaster. Now enjoy the fresh, crispy, tasty and most amazingly toaster made French fries.

You can also try sweet potato French fries using the same process.

Reheating Pizza

If you want to make your leftover pizza crispy again, use your toaster hack. Use the toaster bag. Place the pizza piece into it. And put it into the toaster. You will again find the pizza as before I swear. Just try it as instructed.

What are the purpose of a Toaster?

Here I am going to discuss some essential toaster features which will help you to know the using purpose of a toaster. You should consider to use it because of its high efficiency, safety, cheap price and fancy features. Let us know the features.

Fancy Toasters

There are plenty brands in the market as fancy toasters. Usually fancy toasters are well known because of their ability of multiple tasks. You can process various kinds of food which I have discussed before.

Best Cheap Toaster

Two slice toasters are cheap in price. You will find it in the market at a reasonable price. You will also find huge varieties of the toaster. They are of different colors and sizes.

Energy Efficient Toaster

Two slice toasters are energy efficient. You can toast a lot of bread, potato, or patty randomly. They are of the high watt.

It can toast any kind of food in a few minutes. It not only saves your energy but also your time because of its high efficiency

The safety features of a toaster

Two slice toasters also has some Safety features. It will provide you with electric safety for sure. For its auto shutdown feature, it can prevent burn and fire of the toast.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have clear knowledge now on the secret hacks on two slice toaster. You have also got a brief idea on what the numbers on a toaster means. Now as you have a good knowledge on the innovative features of the toaster, you obviously will be able to choose the right one for you.

Hopefully, this article helped you to understand the importance of the toaster. Now you can make your desired food items in less time and effort.

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