How to Build a Pony Wall for Kitchen Island in 7 Steps?


Pony walls are trending out there. These walls can make your indoors stylish and efficient in a lot of ways. But that’s a topic for interior design. Here we’re focusing on building the pony walls. Here’s the thing- Kitchen pony walls are getting more popular day by day. And with this popularity comes the question- How to build … Read more

Easy Steps on How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Crown Molding to the Ceiling

kitchen cabinet crown molding to ceiling

  Is there a gap between the top of your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling? If yes, then I think you’ll agree with me when I say that the gap does not look good. Also, these spaces are often large enough to look like they should hold something but not large enough to actually hold something. So, what’s … Read more

The Cleaning Process Of Kitchen & How To Choose Best Degreasers For It!

Cleaning Process Of Kitchen

If the kitchen of a house is not clean enough then how one can maintain the food quality? Because you are doing everything like cleaning and cooking vegetable or fish in your kitchen. So if kitchen’s cleanliness cannot be maintained then there is the question of the hygiene of the food. Thus, it is important … Read more