The Science Of Injecting Meat: Why And How To Use Meat Injectors

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Say you have planned a barbeque at your home at night and invited your friends. Now if you are thinking of the best barbeque and get the juiciness down deep then the best solution is to have meat injectors! Rubs, marinating, sauces, mops bring extra flavor to the meat surface.

And a meat injector opens up the possibility. If you inject into the chicken the flavors you want and leave it for some moment, then you will find the flavors and that will enhance the taste of the meat.

But a thought can come to your mind that is it that easy to inject into meat with meat injectors and have the flavors and tastes you want? Well, sometimes even if you wait some hours marinating the food, the flavor wouldn’t stick.

Again, without knowing the proportion when you inject the taste would not be good. So knowing how to use meat injectors is necessary. Here I am discussing why and how to use your meat injectors. So stay here with me if you are to have the tool.

Why use meat injections?

Meat injecting is easy if you know how to use it. And you won’t have any disappointing results. There are some benefits of using meat injectors:

1. The flavor reaches to all the parts of the meat. Marinating meats include the concept that the sauces and other flavors will get absorbed into the meat if longer the meat stays.

Even though thinking of this matter the concept has been taken into account that is not the case every time. It may happen that you marinated the meat and sink it for a whole day but the flavor doesn’t reach the center. Then it will be waste of time and energy.

But a meat injector can bring the sauces inside the meat effortlessly. You just need to inject the needle where you want the flavor to reach and stay for some moment. And the flavor will stay there.

2. Another great benefit of using meat injectors is you can maintain the moisture content of the food. Some meat cooking needs to have the moisture to stay in the meat. Broiling and roasting are the huge examples of retention of moisture. People apply several methods for holding moisture into the meat. One of the methods is sealing the meat into the oven bag, also some people do basting.

Using a meat injector, you can catch the moisture up. You just need to inject the needle to which part you want it to be. It is the best solution for those parts of meats that can easily dry out.

3. It is an easy alternative to marinating. Also, it is time efficient and convenient. All you need to do is filling the canister with whatever you want to inject and put it to the part of the meat you want to add some flavor and keep the moisture. You don’t need to have knowledge of rocket science for doing this job.

And also you don’t need to wait for a day while using an injector. That means, wasting time is out of the question when you are using this tool. Sauce may go waste while marinating without meat injectors because you may have to do the same job for several times for maintaining the flavor. Along with your time and effort, you can also use sauce efficiently.

4. Many people might think that meat injectors are only invented for injecting into the meat. But a great thing is, it is a versatile item. You can inject chocolate into cakes, jam into donuts, and butter into squash with meat injectors. With a creative mind, you can reach flavors to the places that are impossible to reach with bare hands. Isn’t it too great!

How to use a meat injection?

Step 1:

First, choose the appropriate needle. Some injectors’ needles couldn’t be changed. So take time for thinking which injector you should use according to the size and cut of your meat. Such as when you want to inject marinades then go with the needles that have holed up to the shaft. For garlic and ground up spices, choose thicker opening needle. Once you know what kind of needle you need, you can change it by unscrewing.

Step 2:

Clean the needle and there should have no residue from the last time use. Cleaning is needed for safety because if it is not clean then bacteria can grow in the meat. Take the tray to put the meat on and have a container in your hand. Wear something over your cloth to avoid messiness.

Step 3:

Store the solution in a non-reactive pot. A good solution is to take all the ingredients you want to inject in a bottle and shake it up well and then pour it into the bowl.

Step 4:

Next to do is dipping the needle in the solution. Then draw it back towards you. You will see the solution is rising into the syringe if your injection body is clear.

Step 5:

You should inject in as well as around the bone of the meat. Avoid injecting into the top of the meat as the solution may not stay long. Inject from the sides so that solution can reach the muscles.

Step 6:

Inject into the meat. Maintain steady pressure so that liquid is not wasted.

Step 7:

Keep injecting until the liquid is spread throughout the meat.

Types of meat injectors

Commercial meat injector:

Commercial meat injector usually has one or two needles and the common size of the needle is 6″. There may have holes in the needle. These are perfect for increasing the flavor of pork, chicken, duck, lamb and many more. The needles are durable as with these you can enrich the flavor even though the cuts are thick. The gaskets of these injectors prevent leaks and make sure that the cylinder is airtight.

Professional meat injector:

The injectors have heavy duty needle. These usually have holes on two sides so that the solution can spread evenly into the meat and where you need to reach the solution. You can cover a large area of meat with the injector. And there have measure marks so you can get the capacity of the injector and how much you want to inject.

Multi-needle meat injector:

From the name of these injectors you can get the idea that these are multi-headed. The injectors have multi-functional head and you can use these for both boneless and bone I meat products. The heads are of variable speeds and the pressure of these type of injectors are smooth.


Meat injecting is fun if you know what exactly it is and how to use it. Using it adds some specialty to the meat. When you are choosing a meat injector you should look into some criteria – the capacity of the container, size of the needle, ease of cleaning.

To maximize the use of an injector you have to look at these criteria. After going through the whole article now you know where in the implementation of a meat injector and how to use it. So try it now!

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