How To Peel And Core Apples?

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Apple lovers try out different apple recipes to cherish their love for apple in new ways. To try out new and delicious apple dishes you need to know how to peel and core apples in different ways with less effort and time as well.

However, among all the apple tasks, peeling and coring is a must known step because whatever you make you will have to do these two things most commonly. Using apple peelers to peel and knives to core an apple is common moreover backdated process. You can do it faster and easily with the process we have suggested below. Have a look on it.

Here is the smart apple peeling and coring process for you. Read the instructions thoroughly and follow it exactly to get the best result.  

Process of Peeling and Coring Apples

To peel and core apples most people rely on the peeler tool and knife. But, have you ever thought how it kills your time and energy? Besides, beginners have to face trouble to lean this process and if your peeling tool is an old one you have to put pressure to peel your apple. And coring with a knife is something too irritating.

However, it ruins the freshness of the fruits by leaving black marks on it. Then, how to get rid of it? Any idea? The perfect solution is a professional apple peeler corer slicer machine. The good thing about the machine is, it can do so many tasks at a time like an expert.

Here are the working parts of an automatic apple slicer peeler and corer machine to get you know about how to use an apple corer slicer peeler machine.

  • Peeling Blade: There is a peeling blade to peel the apple excellently. The blade is very sharp and it needs no pressure to be peeled accordingly. 
  • Slicer: The machine has a slicing blade at the edge of it which slices the apple you put on the machine in a spiral pattern. You can get the half cut shape just by cutting the sliced apple in half.  
  • Corer: Basically, the slicing blade does the job of coring as well. When you push the apple towards the slicer and the apple passes it, the hole of the slicer cores the apple. 
  • Hook Point: It’s the three pinpoint where you have to place your apple to push it to the slicing and peeling blade.
  • Handle: This is the end of the hook bar. The whole process starts by rotating this handle by hand. By moving the handle the apple will reach the edge area and the peeling, slicing and coring process will begin.

Using Process

You have already known the working parts and must have got idea on how to peel an apple with a peeler machine and how to slice and core it as well. To clarify the concept here is the process step by step. Just follow the steps if you have bought a new machine and don’t know how to use. Those who do not have one, see how tremendously it works and get one today.

  • Step 1: Take the apple you want to peel, slice and core. Choose it according to your taste because this machine is okay for all type of apples.
  • Step 2: Set the upper side of the apple to the 3 pins hook and make sure the apple is tightly attached.
  • Step 3: Set the blades (slicer, corer, and peeler) according to your need. Check their adjustments too before starting the process.
  • Step 4: When everything is set, hold the handle and start rotating it clockwise. The apple will start moving forward and when it reaches the peeling blade the process with be started.
  • Step 5: First, it will peel the apple then slice it and also core. The apple will be sliced in a spiral shape. When it comes to the end put it out and serve on a plate. You are done. 

So, this is the working procedure of the device. Basically, this device will give you all in one service at home. By adjusting the blades in different positions you can bring variety in its use. Suppose, you want to peel the apple only, put the slice and core blade down and set the peeling blade up.

Furthermore, for slicing and coring only put the peeling blade down. Isn’t it awesome? So, get an apple peeler slicer corer machine today. Besides, if you want to know how to slice an apple thinly, this machine will get it done for you just like that.

Here's a nice video on: Apples - The Documentary (how to Peel, Core and Slice ALL-IN-ONE)

Automatic Apple Slicer Peeler and Corer Machine

We have discussed about the peeling and coring process of a non-electric machine till now. But, you can go with an electric peeling machine to lessen the effort more. Though it’s kind of a too costly plan, it works just awesome. Specially, if you want to apply it in your business, it’s a great thing.

When with the non-electric machine you have to rotate the handle by your hand to run the working process, with an electric peeler machine you just have to set the apple on the exact position and turn the power on. It will automatically peel the apple first then send it to the coring process and will slice it as well.  It takes about a minute to complete the entire process excellently. What more could you want?

If you want to go with this process and buy one today, you should purchase the best electric apple peeler corer and slicer machine online.


This article has introduced you to both the electric and no-electric apple peelers and corers. Now, it’s up to you which process you choose. Both of them work amazing for sure.

If you want to use it at home the non-electric machine is quite fast and pretty good for you and if you want the fastest survive with zero effort the electric device is perfect for you. You may purchase the one we have recommended for you to get the best working device.

Hope the article was helpful. Thanks for being with us.

Kristy Warren

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