How To Keep Water & Coffee Hot For A Long Time?

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If you are a coffee lover then you definitely know how unpleasant it is to find that your coffee got cold by the time you take the sip or after a while. But reheating the coffee, again and again is a hassle and also not a great deal since it might change the taste of the coffee. That’s why you need to follow the tactics for how to keep water warm.

Again when you have a cold problem, you need to take a sip of warm water continuous with a small break. But grabbing the water heater each time can be a real hassle. So what can you do to keep your coffee and water warm for long maintain the perfect temperature?

Okay, you have got nothing to worry. Let’s check out some cool kitchen tools that can help you to keep your drinks warm for longer period of time.

Tools to keep your water and coffee hot for long:

We all know how hard it sometimes gets to keep out water and coffee hot for long especially during the winter months. As reheating the coffee again and again detours the taste. So you need something that can maintain the perfect temperature for longer so that you don’t have to reheat.

Mug Warmer:

This one is a great appliance when it comes to maintaining the temperature of the coffee or water. All you need to keep your mug on top of this mug warmer. You can use this at your home, office even in the car.

Just get a mug warmer and you forget to worry about keeping coffee hot. You will find different types of mug warmer in stores with different facilities. Go for the ones which will be the best mug warmers for you as per your need.

Car Mug warmer:

If you are worried about how well a mug wormer is going to work inside the car while you are driving on a bumpy road, then this car warmer is for you. This is specially meant for using inside cars and also works as a cup holder.

Immersion Heater:

This one is a little metal coil warmer that can easily fit into your mug. This one is portable so that you can use it at your work and in-car the car as well to keep your coffee hot.

Heated mug:

This one is a self-reliant mug heating system where you can plug in the mug and the mug will heat up and keep the water and coffee warm for you. This heated mug is travel-friendly so that you can enjoy your coffee hot at anytime, anywhere keeping coffee hot for hours.

Mug sleeve: 

These are inexpensive yet effective options to keep your water and coffee hot in the mug for a long time. This mug sleeve works as an insulator and reduces the heat loss due to the temperature difference between the mug and the surrounding. You can find this in your local store easily.

Another bonus tip is always to use a mug with a lid to keep the coffee warmer.

Thermal flask:

This one is the most common one and we all have used this. Invest in a good quality thermos flask. These can sometimes get a little expensive but will keep your coffee and water warm until you drink it. And this one doesn’t need any power source to operate. You can carry it anywhere with you and drink in the cup that comes with it.

Heating pad:

You can also invest in a heating pan. But this one is more like an emergency solution for the time when you don’t have access to your mug warmer or thermal flask. If you use heating pads more often then chances are it will change the taste of the coffee.

Candle warmer:

You can use a candle warmer to keep the coffee and water warm. But this one here again is to use when you can’t access the other options mentioned before.

Styrofoam cup:

If you are wondering what mug keeps the coffee hot then ‘Styrofoam cup’ is the answer. A Styrofoam cup is also effective to keep the water and coffee warmer for longer. But be careful about throwing this after use since this one is not eco-friendly.

Coffee Maker:

If you have enough space in your home and you are a coffee addict, then it will be better for you to purchase a coffee maker. There are different types of home coffee maker available in the market. Before purchasing one, it will be right for you to check out some products online and read the review for making your decision right.

Best coffee mugs for home:

For the home, you can use any type of mugs that will work as an insulator for your coffee. The most common material for a coffee mug at home is ceramic. Now, a ceramic cup does keep the coffee warm for longer than any other regular glass or plastic mug but it is still not the best option.

If you are going for a ceramic mug then go for one which has a shiny white coating inside and relatively darker color outside. The white coating will reflect the micro heat ray and the darker coating will work as an insulator. Go for a thicker mug and make sure your mug has a lid.

You can also go for stainless steel mugs which will keep your coffee warm even longer than a ceramic mug. And you can always use mug sleeve and mug warmers to elongate the time.

Best coffee mug for work

For office go for something with is more travel-friendly, easier to operate if electrical and has a lid. You can use the stainless steel mug with a mug warmer to maximize the effect. Or you can go for a heated mug or immersion heater. You can also use a double layered thermos glass or carry your thermal flask.

Break resistant coffee mugs:

If you are going to use mug warmers or heat pad to warm your coffee then you must need break resistant coffee mugs for this. Otherwise, the mug will break during the process if it is not made of metal. The break resistant coffee mugs

Are made of high-quality plastics. So it is a great option for those who don’t like the feel of a steel mug.

Final words:

Keeping the coffee and water warm for longer period of time is the demand of most of us without any doubt. But sometimes we have to go through the trouble for doing so. Not to worry anymore since this problem of ours will be solved with help of the tools mentioned earlier. You can choose which one works for you the best. Invest in quality products so that you can keep the coffee and the water warm until you take the sip.

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