How to Choose Best Coffee Carafes? Includes Exclusive tips: Using & Cleaning Process

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When anyone madly loves coffee and needs several cups in one day, a coffee carafe is the one and only effective solution to have hot cups every time. Besides, it saves you from the trouble of making coffee every time. Many people can’t think of starting a day without a cup of coffee and often it’s okay to make the very first coffee of the day instantly.

But if you are habitant of drinking 5-7 or more cups in a day, It’s hard to make coffee for so many times and time-consuming also. Here coffee carafes are the best solution that can hold the heat of your favorite beverage and lets you enjoy a hot cup of coffee anytime anywhere.

Are you about to get a coffee carafe? If you are, this article will help you to get the best one. Tips and needed information are given below to help you get idea for purchasing the best one. Along with the buying tips, we have added the using and cleaning process for you as well.

Let’s get into it.

Best Coffee Carafes

If you have used a coffee carafe before you must have known the needed facts by using the previous one. And if you never had a coffee carafe before you need to know about its working method, types and all the related processes very well to get the best one. A coffee carafe can be of various types. Among them all, two are the most common. Before you purchase, you need to decide which one you want to go for. Here they are,

  • Glass Carafe
  • Thermal Carafe

You are introduced to the types. Now, let’s enrich your idea on them to get the most suitable one for you. To know details about a coffee carafe thermal and glass one, check below.

Glass Carafe

These kinds of carafes are mainly used for serving coffee. But if you set them in a hotplate you can brew your coffee anytime. It is made of glass and holds the heat of the coffee for some hours. The carafe has an open top. You can open it while pouring the liquid into a glass or to smell your coffee.

It is made of glass you can see how much coffee is left and when you need to pour it again. This is not a portable container and can break easily. Though it is less costly but as it breaks easily you might have to buy the carafe many times which is a waste of money.

However, if you are going to keep your coffee in it for 20-30 minutes it will perform wow but if you want to store coffee for more hours this might not be a perfect way.

So, this is actually the details about a glass carafe. Purchase it according to your need.

Thermal Carafe

This types of carafe work great to keep coffee in its accurate heat all day long. To get the best thermal coffee carafe, know its working process below.

The working procedure can be of two types,

  • Vacuum
  • Insulation

These are mainly the inner construction methods. Basically, according to the process, the coffee carafe works. Though both the process works outstanding to hold the heat still it depends on you which one you would like to have.

The vacuum process is actually the way that removes all the extra air from the carafe by the pumping process when you pour the carafe. And so, this inner liquid doesn’t get cold and holds the accurate heat for a long time.

Insulation process means the carafe has two walls. These two walls keep the liquid hot you poured on it. Basically, the inner wall prevents the heat from passing out and locks it for an entire day and the outer wall is to cover the carafe.

So, these are the two processes. You can choose any of them. A thermal carafe performs better in comparison to other coffee carriers to keep the coffee properly hot for a long time. Though it’s a bit heavy and so you can’t trace how much coffee is left but you can use it as a portable device as well. 

Considering Facts

You have known about the types and working procedures. Now, it’s the turn to know the highlighting facts that you must check before you buy your coffee carafe. Here are the considering facts,

  • Material: Check what material has been used in the carafe you are going to buy. If it has steel, make sure it’s stainless. If the material is plastic, check the quality and if it’s made of glass see how strong it is. Mainly, whatever the material is, be sure it’s high in quality.   
  • Size: This is a major point. There are various sizes available in the market. From a small coffee carafe to the big ones you have the opportunity to choose the size according to your need. 
  • Inner Construction: This means, the inner working process. The carafe you are going to buy, check if it has the insulation process or the pump method. In case of glass check, how to set it in hotplates or it the feature is available or not.
  • Easy to Use: Read the using process on its manual book. You will get to know if the process is troublesome. Always prefer the carafe that has an easy pouring system and all other using process is easy a well.
  • Easy to Wash: Get a wide-mouthed one to wash easily with your hand. A small mouth is inconvenient to clean. 
  • Design: Select the most stylish one. If you go with a glass carafe it’s an important point because you can use it as a serving pot. Besides, getting a well-designed carafe will decorate your container shelf or kitchen.
  • Durability: You can check the durability by the product’s review and ratings online. Make sure it has warranty and guarantee as well. In case of sudden problems, a warranty can cut your costs a lot.
  • Price: Usually, glass carafes are less costly than the thermal one. You need to buy the one you actually need. If you want to use it at home you may go with a glass carafe and if it’s about using in parties, office or meeting go with the thermal carafe.

Check all the qualities mentioned up to make sure you are purchasing the best coffee carafe. Now, check out the exclusive tips to use a coffee carafe and clean it also.  

Exclusive tips: Using & Cleaning Process

You have already got the proper ideas to get the best coffee carafe. But if you don’t know the accurate using process and also don’t clean it properly your best carafe will soon turn into the worst. If you don’t want this to happen here are the using and cleaning tips for you.

Using Process

To use your coffee carafe accurately first you must read the manual book attached to it very carefully. Avoid all the forbidden steps and go with the proper using method according to the manual.

If you want to have fresh coffee every time, keep the coffee into a glass carafe up to 30 minutes and in a thermal carafe for one hour. It’s good to maintain this time sequence to have a healthy and tasty cup of coffee.

Before you pour coffee into a carafe pour hot water into it for 30 minutes and then empty it. After that, put the hot coffee inside the carafe. This is how your carafe can hold up the warmness for longer time.

Make sure, the lid and all the space areas are tightly closed. If it’s not your coffee won’t remain warm any longer.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning the carafe every day is a must if you use it regularly. You can follow various steps but you need to wash it every single day.

  • For a daily wash, take 1-2 drops of liquid dish-washer and warm water, just fix the lid and shake the carafe for 5 minutes. Wash it very well otherwise it will have the dishwasher smell.

Besides following a regular process, you need to go with the monthly cleaning processes also to keep your carafe perfectly clean and durable.

  • To do the monthly cleaning, take some bleaching powder and keep inside the carafe. Pour it with hot water. Now, keep it overnight. Next morning wash it with water and you will notice the cleanliness instantly. This is an effective process for removing stains as well.


From this article you will know the different types, working, using and cleaning process of coffee carafes. If you have read the entire article very carefully, by now you have come across all the important information. Hope this article helps you to get the best coffee carafe for you and let you know the actual using and cleaning process of it.

Hope the article was helpful. Thanks for being with us. 

Kristy Warren

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