Forged Knives Vs Stamped Knives: Which One Should You Choose?

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Most of the time you cannot tell the difference between a forged knife and a stamped knife if you know nothing about it. Forged knives are comparatively more expensive, which is why most people think forged knives are way better than stamped ones.

That may have been the case not so long ago, but the knife-making industry has changed and stamped knives are now made of higher quality. Both knives have their own perks, and in this article, we will talk about the major differences between forged knives and stamped knives.


What Is A Forged Knife?

Forged knives are high-quality knives that are usually forged from a single flat steel bar. The bar is heated at over a thousand degrees, compressed, and then hammered into shape.

The ones that are not made from a single bar are created by combining different steels and are then hammered to be created into Damascus steel. Forged knives are made by professionals who have years of forging experience, which is why they are more preferred by professionals who use knives.

Forged knives are also more expensive and thicker than regular knives.


The Two Types Of Forged Knives

There are two types of forged knives that are-

The Hot Drop Forged Knife

This is the traditional forged knife, where the blacksmith takes the steel, heats it up, gives it the shape of the knife, and turns it into one. Everything is done by the blacksmith’s own hands.

The Modern Forged Knife

Machines heat and hammer the raw materials of the knife and give it a shape. The blade is later sharpened by professionals or other machines.

What Is A Stamped Knife?

Stamped knives are cut and made from a large sheet of steel or metal. The piece is then heated and honed. Stamped knives are much thinner and lighter. These are perfect for slicing and other kitchen uses of knives because they are lightweight.


How Are Stamped Knives Made?

Stamped knives are made in a simpler way, thanks to modern technology. The large sheet of steel or metal is put in a machine that cuts out knife-shaped metal from the sheet, just like a cookie-cutter. 

Modern stamped knives are also heated to strengthen the blade’s molecules.

The Major Differences Between Forged Knives & Stamped Knives

Stamped knives and Forged knives may sometimes look similar but they have their fair share of differences-

1. Thickness Of The Blade

Because forged knives are forged and made from a single bar of alloy, they are much thicker than any regular knives.

Stamped knives are stamped out from large sheets of metals or steel and are comparatively thinner. Most of them are even bendable. So, then you have to put an extra effort to fix the bent tip.

2. The Weight Of The Knife

A forged knife will have a thicker blade, a bolster, and a fuller tang. All these things combined make the knife significantly heavy. This heavyweight can be used for cutting thicker objects since you can let gravity do its job. 

Stamped knives are lighter in comparison and work well when you want to cut thin slices of vegetables. The blade is sharp and easy to control, especially if you are new to using knives.

3. Construction Material

Forged knives can be made of various alloys. The most durable ones are usually made of carbon steel, high carbon stainless steel, and stainless steel. Since they are painstakingly made, their hardness level is superior, they do not form burrs easily and they also require the least sharpening. 

Some stamped knives are made of carbon steel, but most are made of stainless steel because stamped knives are more commercially manufactured and affordable. Stamped knives are lighter, flexible, and do not go through the same heat treatment, meaning they might be less durable than forged knives.

3 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Knife

Since both the forged knives and stamped knives have their own perks, there are some things you can consider when choosing between the two knives-

1. How Does The Blade Handle

The aim of any blade, whether forged or stamped, is cutting and some prefer heavier blades because it allows you to cut layers of meat or vegetables with relative ease. You can easily rock it back and forth to cut things

Some people prefer lightweight stamped knives because they are easy to control and work better for cutting things into thin slices.

2. Blade Retention

Blade retention simply means how long the blade will stay sharp. Because of the intense heat treatment, forged knives have a higher level of sharpness and are less prone to burrs.

Stamped knives do not receive that kind of heat treatment and need to be honed or sharpened more often than a forged knife


3. Budget

Because of the creation process and material used, forged knives come at a hefty price. Stamped knives are a much more affordable option since they are mass-produced. Although some brands are making premium stamp knives with a higher price tag than the regular ones.


1. Is a forged or stamped knife better?

There is no definite better option because both have their own perks. Forged knives are more durable but heavy to move around, Stamped knives are lightweight and easy on the wrists. If you are a beginner, then a stamped knife will be more suited to your level of expertise.

2. Which is better as steak knives forged vs stamped?

A forged knife is heavier and has a higher level of sharpness compared to an average stamped knife. So, forged knives are better suited as steak knives.

3. How do you maintain a knife set?

To maintain it, you need to keep it clean. Always hand wash your knife set with warm soapy water and let them dry completely before storing it on a knife holder or so.

4. How often should you oil your knife?

You will not need to oil your knives that often. Once every month or two will do. Also, polish a knife once in every two months, especially those being used on a daily basis. 

5. What kind of oil do you use on a knife?

Mineral grade oil is best to oil your knives. Never use cooking oil because it can often leave a hard-to-clean and sticky residue.

6. How long should a knife set last?

A high-quality forged knife can last a lifetime if properly taken care of. If not, then it can last a decade. However, most knives that come in sets will last about 5-10 years depending on usage, material, and brand.


Both knives have their own pros and cons. If you are a complete beginner, then it is best to start with a stamped knife. But if you are a professional and want to go for a premium and durable blade, then you can go for a forged knife. Ultimately, it comes down to your preference. Weight out the differences we mentioned earlier to choose the right knife that suits all your needs.

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