How To Deep-Clean A Greasy Tea Kettle Ways The Simplest

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Tea kettle for gas stove is an important utensil of kitchen life. You will find various kinds of tea kettles on the market. They are made of different materials.

These tea kettles often become dirty by splattered grease. To prevent this problem there are some commercial and homemade methods which are very effective.

In this article, you will find all the simplest ways of cleaning greasy kea kettle. So let’s see.

How to Use a Tea Kettle on the Stove?

To use the tea kettle on the stove properly you have to follow some easy steps.

How to Use a Tea Kettle to Make Tea?

To make tea using a tea kettle you have to follow some easy steps which have given below.

How to Clean a Tea Kettle

There are various ways to clean a tea kettle. In our kitchen tea kettles are got dirty by the splattered grease. You can clean your tea kettle in many ways. There are different kind of tea kettles in the market.

You can use any chemicals to clean these kettles. On the other hand, you can also apply some homemade method. Here we have written about some homemade ways and chemicals which will help you a lot to cope up with this problem.

Let’s take a look.

Applying Chemical Cleaners

You can use these chemicals in any kind of kettles. These chemicals are quite effective.

Stainless steel kettles, cast iron stove top kettles etc. can easily be cleaned up by ammonia. You will find this chemical in any kind of grocery shop at a reasonable price.

To clean the kettle take a napkin and apply some ammonia into it. Now wipe down the tea kettle properly. You can also scrub the kettle using a pad. Use a few drops. But don’t use it excessively.

You can clean the inside and outside portion of the kettle very easily using ammonia.

Oven cleaner is also like ammonia. It does the same work. Its using instruction is also the same.

But never use it along with ammonia. Oven cleaner contains bleach which may mix up with ammonia. As a result, it creates deadly gas which is harmful to health.

There are varieties in stains. Bleach is effective on various kinds of stains. To clean with this chemical use a rag or sponge. Abrasive cleaners are not appropriate for this purpose.

Never scrub so harshly. It will create scratches inside and outside the kettle.

Bleach is mainly made from enamel and porcelain. Use a little amount of enamel or porcelain to clean up the kettle.

Don’t forget to use hand gloves while you are cleaning. Always dilute before using the enamel.

Though these chemicals can be applied to any kind of kettles. But it will be better if you don’t apply it copper kettles. Generally, copper kettle’s material is sensitive.

Chemicals may harm the material of the copper kettle. On the other hand, chemicals are not appropriate for an electric tea kettle also. It can be damaged by this chemicals. So you shouldn’t use it in these kettles.

The natural process is the best solution for cleaning it.

How do you clean the Inside of an Electric Kettle?

Previously we have mentioned that natural and homemade methods are more appropriate for electric kettles. You can use mineral oil, vinegar, lemon juice and soy sauce to clean the inside of the electric tea.

Don’t scrub harshly while you are cleaning. Use a sponge or rag for cleaning.

Natural Process

You can successfully clean up the grease of the kettle using mineral oil. You can buy it from any grocery shop or online. Use a few drops of mineral oil for this purpose. Use paper towel or sponge.

After cleaning doesn’t forget to dry the kettle. Use a dry pad or napkin to wipe down the kettle.

To clean the copper kettle vinegar is the best choice. It works like the commercial cleaners. To make the vinegar more active mix lemon juice and a little amount of salt with it. It will clean the copper kettle perfectly.

Lemon juice is mainly used to clean copper kettle. You can also use it to clean stainless still or electric kettle. Mixing lemon juice, salt, and vinegar you can easily a make a cleaning paste which will prevent heavy grease of the kettles.

Rinse the kettle with the paste properly. Rub the kettle very gently. And to get better result you can repeat the process.

You can smoothly de-grease your any kind of kettle with the help of soya sauce. Use a paper towel to clean. Scrub the kettle smoothly.

You have to put some effort to scrub the kettle. Now wash the cattle properly. Now you will get a clean and shiny tea kettle.

Preventing Grease

For removing grease splatter you have to keep the kitchen clean. And wash your kitchen utensils regularly. Using kitchen fan is mandatory for keeping the kitchen stove and utensils free from grease.

Not cooking near the Kettle is also an important point. Keep the tea kettle far from the stove after your work.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article helped you to have a complete idea on the simplest ways of cleaning the tea kettle for gas stove.

Apply the above steps properly and keep your kettle clean and shiny.

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