What To Do When Your Can Opener Is Not Working?

IntroductionCan openers are incredibly handy and no matter how many tools you have lying around your kitchen, you will need to use a can opener at some point.The most common household openers are manual can openers. They are smaller than electric can openers, making them easier to use and store. Manual can openers primarily come … Read more

How to Remove the Burned Smell from Microwave

Microwave ovens are one kitchen essential gadget that everyone uses. But nobody wants a scorched smell coming out of the oven. If your microwave has gone through the process of burning a meal, you definitely understand what we are talking about. There is always a risk of the stinky smell spreading to the next meal … Read more

A Complete Guide To Cleaning Your Non-Stick Griddle

Griddles are perfect for cooking bacon, pancakes, sausages, eggs, and French toast. These foods are certainly mouth-watering but can leave stain and gunk on your griddle if you do not clean it afterward.Non-stick griddles are essential cookware for healthy and oil-free cooking. According to Statista, American households apparently spend about $1.4 billion on non-stick cookware … Read more

How to Fix Bland Chicken – 4 Simple Hacks

When it comes to food, chicken can serve the most mouthwatering dishes. People love to eat chicken literally anytime. From breakfast chicken sandwiches to lunchtime chicken curries, from chicken lollipops, for snacks to the chicken breast at dinner.Chicken is everybody’s go-to protein meal. But what’s better than eating chicken? Cooking chicken! A great chicken meal … Read more

Food Mill vs Ricer: Which one should I choose?


As the culinary world expands, along with it, different cultures, cuisines are reaching different parts of the world. Different cuisines are adapting to people’s tastes and preferences. Chefs and culinary experts all over the world are looking for different methods of cooking, and exercising different techniques.With a greater emphasis on flavors, texture and cuts of … Read more