10 Best Wooden Salad Bowls Reviewed In 2021 – Stylish Collections!

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Well, to start with, I am overwhelmed by writing this review on the best wooden salad bowls. Why? Because 8 out of 10 products are from my favorite brand i.e. Lipper and I am glad reviewing them all. Spreading love into your home, these salad bowls are the smartest addition to your kitchen. Made with durable material, all these wooden bowls are beautiful to look at.

Actually, I saw these bowls while surfing the internet so thought of buying one. And after using it, I felt it was a great thing to have whenever you feel like munching a nutritious bowl of fruits or greens. A good bowl can last long if well maintained and taken care of.

Along with other kitchen utensils, these bowls are useful and handy. They are robust and crafted of high-quality wood. While many people choose glass or plastic bowls, wooden bowls are all-time favorites.

It is almost impossible to claim a particular bowl to be the best wooden bowl. So, let’s jump into things to consider before buying one and then to the detailed review of best wooden salad bowls to find out the suitable one.

Reviews on 10 Best Wooden Salad Bowls in 2021

Lipper International 1174 Acacia Wave Serving Bowl for Fruits or Salads

Featuring a diverse collection of bowls and servers, Lipper International promises to deliver nice kitchen tools and accessories. While this acacia wave serving bowl is an ideal choice for fruits or salads, it is easy to take care for as well.

This is a unique bowl crafted from the finest material to uplift the appearance of your kitchen or dining table. It measures 12" diameter x 7" high and looks smart as a centerpiece serving bowl.

Almost all the serving bowls from Lipper are made of acacia to compliment any decor. Plus, this bowl is used to hold fruits, for decoration or serve salads to the gathered crowd. To make it serve you for longer, hand wash it with mild soap and cool water.

Avoid soaking it or putting in the dishwasher or else it will lose its worth. Also, never keep it in the refrigerator or microwave since it is made of wood.

Moreover, the material can crack over time with extreme temperature changes, so whatever you do, be careful. If you want to maintain its look, use mineral oil to clean on the inside.


  • Can be used for tossing and serving
  • Perfect accessory for wood salad serving bowl
  • List Element


  • The quality is not good

Lipper International 294 Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowl

Meet this wavy rim serving bowl from Lipper International. It is a beautifully shaped bowl with wavy rim, perfect for salads and fruits. Made of durable rubberwood, this serving bowl is known for its functionality and beauty.

This bowl is tinted with a food safe cherry color to compliment your overall kitchen decor and uplift the whole appearance of kitchen cutlery. It is great for a variety of occasions like small get-togethers, parties, everyday meals and gatherings etc.

This large cherry wavy bowl measures 13" x 12 1/2" x 5” so an ideal option for the main course, side dishes and appetizers etc. Since it boasts an exceptional design, this one makes a nice centerpiece on the dining table.

As far as the maintenance is concerned, you should wash it with hand using mild soap. Putting in the dishwasher may deteriorate its quality and it can chip or crack over time if kept in extreme weather. Go ahead and invest in this stylish serving bowl now!


  • Large salad bowl for salads and fruits
  • Made of durable rubberwood
  • Stained with a food safe cherry color


  • Color is not same as shown

Lipper International 8203-4 Bamboo Wood Salad Bowls

Yet another one from Lipper International, this is a set of 4 wooden salad bowls. This modern salad bowls is Crafted to perfection, these bowls are made of fine bamboo that fits every occasion given its size and shape.

Moreover, this set of bowls is durable as natural wood is used in the manufacturing process. Feels very solid, they are lightweight and quite compact to carry. Use these bowls to serve fruits and vegetables just the way you want.

Just so you know, these bowls are featured with a smooth surface that doesn’t give off bad odors when food is put in. Would you like to eat in a bowl having smelly food? Of course, not! Since these bowls are built of high quality, they don’t absorb food smell thus giving you a nice experience.

Furthermore, to maintain it, use mild soap and water along with some mineral oil for proper cleaning from inside the bowl. Not to miss, these bowls are perfect for large crowds as each one measures 7" diameter x 2 1/4" high to accommodate a good amount of salad or fruit.


  • Made from natural and renewable bamboo
  • Perfect for fruits, cereals or salads
  • Can accommodate good crowd


  • Not suitable for cereals

Lipper International 293-4 Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowls

A stunning addition to your kitchen creation, these cherries finished wavy rim serving bowls are perfect for salads or fruits. They are beautifully designed and shaped with wavy rims that further add to the beauty.

Plus, each bowl is unique in its own way to serve fruits and salads to a large gathering. As these bowls are crafted of durable rubberwood, you can expect them to serve you for longer. Whether you want it for regular or formal use, this set of 4 bowls is ideal for any decor.

Stained with a food safe dark cherry color, they look gorgeous in the kitchen or as a centerpiece. When it comes to maintenance, wash them with mild soap and water. Never put them into the dishwasher or extreme weather conditions or they will crack over time.

Each bowl is capable of holding a good quantity of salad or fruits, as each one measures 7 1/2" x 7 1/4" x 3". Apply some mineral oil on the inside to maintain its appearance.


  • Stained with dark cherry color
  • Ideal for large gatherings
  • Made of durable rubberwood
  • Compliments any decor


  • Need regular maintenance

5. Lipper International 274: 3 Best Footed Serving Bowl

Lipper International 274-3 Cherry Finished Footed Serving Bowl

Generously sized footed serving bowl, this product from Lipper International is designed beautifully to compliment any decor. Ideal for salads, fruits and greens etc. this serving bowl is stained with food safe cherry finish.

Plus, it has been constructed with durable rubberwood to make it a perfect choice for those who want to use it for long years. All those who are regular salad eaters can go for this serving bowl.

This bowl measures 13 3/4" diameter x 5" high, capable of holding a sufficient amount of food. Also, it comes with 2 salad hands to make tossing and serving easy. These hands are designed contemporarily to give a stunning look to your kitchen area.

Furthermore, these hands are stained with a food safe dark cherry color. As this set of bowls and hands need proper care, they should be washed with hands and cold water for complete maintenance.

Never put it in a refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher for prolonged existence. Other than that, use mineral oil on the inside to maintain its beautiful appearance.


  • Lightweight and nice texture
  • Affordable to buy
  • Good for small gatherings


  • Some customers have reported leaking chemicals inside

Lipper International 8204-3 Bamboo Wood Salad Bowl

I am really glad writing this article as most of the products are from the house of Lipper International. This one is a bamboo wooden salad bowl, making a smart addition to your kitchen area.

To accommodate entertaining guests and intimate dinners, this bowl is nonetheless the most perfect choice. This is a professional bowl which is equipped with extra servers for tossing, presenting and serving the salads or fruits in a nice manner.

Other than that, it is durable owing to its bamboo construction and because bamboo is natural wood, cleaning and care is quite easy. Use your hands to wash the bowl under tap water and immediately dry it using some cloth.

Never keep water at the bottom or else you will see a dry hole after some time – which looks bad. As it is made from the finest quality material, you can expect some great results. This bowl measures 14" diameter x 4" high and the servers are 12" long.


  • Perfect for guests or intimate dinners
  • Comes with a pair of servers
  • Good for presenting, tossing and serving
  • Made from natural bamboo wood


  • Can lose its shine if handled inappropriately

7. Lipper International 1154: Acacia Round Flair Serving Bowl

Lipper International 1154 Acacia Round Flair Serving Bowl

For those who are looking for the absolute best, Lipper International acacia serving bowl is a right choice. It has been one of the choicest choices when it comes to quality serving bowls as this one is a beautiful centerpiece bowl designed from acacia. While this bowl is a perfect addition in every kitchen, it is an ideal option to serve salads and fruits.

Furthermore, this round serving bowl is extremely beautiful to look at. Since it has a unique shape to compliment any decor, this serving bowl is an excellent masterpiece. Crafted nicely, this round flair serving bowl can accommodate child party or a small family meal.

Next, to take care, you should wash it with hands only and avoid putting it in the dishwasher as hard detergents can cause cracks. Measuring 12" diameter x 4 1/2" high, it is nonetheless an awesome serving bowl to accommodate all your serving needs. It integrates with any table setting and is practical yet beautiful.


  • Compliment any decor
  • Made from durable acacia wood
  • High quality wooden salad bowl


  • Little water leftover ruins the bowl

8. Dansk Wood Classics: Round Salad Bowl

Dansk Wood Classics 16-Inch Round Salad Bowl

Well, taking a break from Lipper International wooden salad bowls. Coming to the second last salad bowl of my review, Dansk is a superb product. Trust me! This Round Salad Bowl one looks extremely beautiful and you will actually be overwhelmed with its exquisiteness.

As you may know, wooden bowls have made a huge comeback and Dansk stands in the bestsellers. This 16 inch round wooden salad bowl has 6” height, just perfect to put a good amount of salad in it.

Thanks to its rich wood and craftsmanship that makes this wooden bowl an evergreen choice of the era. It is a large bowl to serve a crowd and a right choice for parties and holidays as well. All you need to do is just prepare some salad or fruit salad or greens and put in the bowl.

It will do the rest! The shine and appearance of this bowl is superb making it really obvious for anyone to fall in love with. As it reflects a contemporary design, never to miss it any cost, yes you read that right!


  • Beautiful design and gorgeous wood
  • Large enough to handle crowd
  • Nice shape


  • Servers are not included

9. Pacific Merchants Acaciaware 6 - Wood Salad Bowl

Pacific Merchants Acaciaware 6- by 3-Inch Acacia Wood Salad Bowl

This one is something different! Crafted by the house of Pacific Merchants, this is a 3-inch acacia wood round calabash serving bowl to fulfil all your salad serving needs. This bowl has curved exterior and the dimensions are 3 inches high, 6-inch diameter.

While it has been constructed with durable acacia wood, you can expect it to be with you for longer. Plus, the color has rich texture along with nice graining to lend a nice look to the bowl.

Acaciaware is the highest quality wooden salad bowl with distinct features on each piece. Though it is water and stain resistant, you need not worry about drying it quickly with paper towel. Since it resists water, it will not absorb odors or stains.

Surprisingly, this bowl is handmade and the serving pieces are hand carved to offer you an exceptional experience. As you can use this bowl for special occasions because of its splendid craftsmanship and stunning color choice, you will feel pretty good while putting it on the dining table.

Since it is made from acacia, it is easy to maintain and take care of. When it comes to cleaning, you need to wash it by hand and air dry. If needed, you can use non-toxic mineral oil to restore the wood grain so it doesn’t lose it natural charm.


  • Gorgeous color and natural design
  • Water and stain resistant
  • Hand wash and air dry
  • Made of acacia wood


  • Size is a little small

10. Lipper International 1188: Acacia Oblong Salad Servers

Lipper International 1188 Acacia Oblong Salad Servers

This one is also from the house of Lipper International. Since this brand is known for providing valuable items for home or office use, it is the most sought-after brand. These Oblong salad servers look elegant as they are perfect for different types of salad bowls.

Designed to perfection, these servers have unique oblong shape and made from durable acacia wood. Easy to maintain and care, this salad server measures 12" x 2 1/2" x 1", ideal for every kitchen. Since this server is made from the finest quality material, it is a wonderful choice.

Use these servers for tossing and serving vegetable or fruit salad to the family or friends. Furthermore, to maintain it, use a mild soap and cool water but make sure not to soak it ever.

Plus, if you want it to serve you for longer, avoid putting it in the dishwasher, refrigerator or microwave. As these servers can crack over time, ensure to keep them from extreme weather conditions.


  • Made of acacia
  • Contemporary wave design
  • Easy to care with hand wash


  • No extra accessories included

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Wooden Salad Bowl

For diningware, wooden bowls are a great choice as they look beautiful, are functional and easy to take care of. Choosing the right bowl is not easy as there are so many things to consider because there are many kinds of bowls out there. Made of different types of wood - high quality or low quality, these bowls should be chosen carefully. Here are two things to consider:

Is it safe?

The very first thing to notice in a wooden bowl is that is it safe? Since there are many manufacturers out there who use unsafe and unsanitary process to make the bowl which can be harmful for your health.

If you are not aware of the wood used, it’s high time to up your knowledge regarding the types of wood. Fake wood is really easy to spot as it does look real but peel back the mask when a bowl is made out of it. 

Next, some manufacturers use a multi step chemical process of staining and bleaching to make the fake wood look real wood. As you may know, chemical process is not healthy or safe because the chemicals will leak into the food.

Best wood

Next, you need to decide which wood is best for a wooden bowl. Although there are a lot of woods, yet you should be aware of the right type when it comes to bowls. Make sure to use wood from trees grown in tough climates and not under intense rains.

Woods like cherry, maple, and black walnut are the best woods to craft a wooden salad bowl. Usually the handmade wooden salad bowls are made of good quality woods, they last longer than the cheap ones like beech, birch and oak. So before you buy any bowl for your home, make sure to choose wisely.

How To Clean Wooden Salad Bowls?

Well, there is a lot around cleaning wooden salad bowls, they have to be washed carefully to maintain the worth and appearance. It is important to clean the bowl with simple water and not use any type of detergents especially the hard ones. Also, washing in the dishwasher is never a good option for wooden bowls. Here’s how to clean them:

After using the bowl, wash it under tap water and quickly dry it because any water leftover at the bottom can cause cracking or splitting.

Never soak the wooden bowl, in any case. After every wash, sprinkle some mineral oil inside and apply it evenly to retain the shine and appearance of the bowl. Oils like olive, canola or coconut works wonders. Using any other oil can leave a foul taste so make sure you use the mineral oil only.

Before you prepare salad, season the bowl with some lemon juice. Known for lending crisp flavour to the dish, it can be a wonderful idea to give your salad a nice taste. Cut the lemon into half and rub the inside gently. Once done, use a paper towel to absorb excess drops and then put your ingredients required for salad.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are wooden salad bowls sanitary?

Yes they are. Just like any other bowl if you make sure to clean your wooden bowls properly, they are always safe to use. However don't keep your wooden bowls in a damp place for a long time such as a dishwasher. Since it can damage the wood.

  1. Can you put hot food in wooden bowls?

You can put hot food in wooden bowls. Wooden bowls can be used to serve more than just salad and popcorn and it won't damage the bowel. Even if you put in hot food.

  1. How do you season a wooden bowl?

To season a wooden bowl take a tablespoon of oil and some salt. Use the oil and salt mixture to scour the interior. Rub off the excess with a towel and good to go.


Now that’s a wrap! Coming to the last section of this detailed review on the best wooden salad bowls, we have given you aplenty of information. As you choose the right wooden salad bowl or a set of bowls or a combo of bowl with servers, you will enjoy the meals better.

Also, your guests will feel pretty good while having food at your place. Since wood looks modern as well as a traditional at the same time, they last for a long time. Whatever your selection is, just make sure of reading the section after introduction i.e. things to consider before buying a wooden bowl.

As you may know, this best wooden salad bowls review contains 8 bowls only from the house of Lipper International - your major focus will go towards those. But trust me guys, Pacific Merchants has done a pretty amazing job by designing such a mind-blowing wooden bowl. Pick Lipper International 293-4 Cherry Finished Wavy Rim or Pacific Merchant Acaciaware for happy salad tossing!

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