Alternative Portable Dishwasher (How-To Hook Up & 3 Products)

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There are several kitchen appliances in the market. We all want fancy machines that upgrade our kitchen and make work easy. Some kitchens do not have the space to accommodate high-end kitchen appliances. It is especially true when these machines are large, bulky, and heavy.

A dishwasher is a kitchen appliance that does not fit in small spaces. However, you can still wash your dishes automatically without a permanent in-built dishwasher.

A portable dishwasher is a kitchen appliance you can use in any kitchen. In this article, you will know all about this convenient equipment.

What is a portable dishwasher?

A portable dishwasher is a convenient device that you can install in your kitchen temporarily. It is perfect for people who own small kitchens. Installing a portable dishwasher provides you with the convenience of a traditional machine without wrecking your kitchen. As the name suggests, you can travel with this device without difficulties. 

It is easy to use a portable dishwasher. When it is wash time for the dishes, roll the portable dishwasher near the sink. Connect the hose to a faucet and plug it into an outlet. Fill the portable dishwasher with your utensils. The dishwasher will do the rest of the work independently. Here is a detailed guide for installing a portable dishwasher. 

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How to Hook Up a Portable Dishwasher?

Hooking up a portable dishwasher is easy once you understand the appliance. There are some rules and tips to help you install a portable dishwasher. Here are the steps to install and use it in your kitchen. 

Locate the Dishwasher

It is crucial to install the dishwasher close to the water faucet. It is also necessary to have a power outlet near this location. If the outlet is too far away, use an extension. A portable dishwasher gets its water supply from the faucet and drains it in the sink. Adjust it accordingly.

The discharge pump of a portable dishwasher is not strong enough to push drainage water at long distances. If your portable dishwasher is away from the sink, water can spill on the counter, making a mess.

If you face difficulty connecting the portable dishwasher to a sink, join it to a water feed and drain for a clothes washer.

Use/buy the dishwasher installation kit

Alternatively, you can buy a dishwasher installation kit if the components of your portable dishwasher do not reach the sink. This kit switches the water inlet and drain system of your portable dishwasher. These kits have lines of different lengths, so buy one that includes lines long enough to connect with your sink. 

Connect to the Dishwasher

Find the right location and materials; you are halfway through this process. Installing a portable dishwasher is a matter of a few minutes once you understand the process. 

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Alternative portable dishwashers

Here is our list of 3 alternative portable dishwashers

  1. Farberware Portable Countertop Dishwasher
  2. COMFEE’ Countertop Portable Dishwasher
  3. HAIMIM Portable Countertop Dishwasher

Farberware Portable Countertop Dishwasher

The high-pressure dual spray of this Farberware portable dishwasher efficiently cleans your utensils with only 1.3 gallons of water. It has a compact design that works with all small spaces like dormitories, RVs, etc.

The built-in 5 Litre water tank allows you to pour water. It saves the time and effort of installing the dishwasher. It has five different wash settings and an air drying system. You can also wash fruits in this machine. 


COMFEE’ Countertop Portable Dishwasher

This portable, compact dishwasher can fit 70 pieces of tableware and a 10-inch plate in it. You can install this in a dorm/RV with 2 to 3 members.

This dishwasher follows a simple installation process, wherein you can place it on the table or in the cupboard. It allows you to choose between eight unique wash settings, including baby care and eco.

It also has a drying mechanism. Thus it allows for a lot of flexible options for cleaning your dishes. You can bring the temperature up to 68℃ to wash heavily-soiled dishes. It uses only 2.77 gallons of water and finishes the cleaning cycles in 45 minutes.


HAIMIM Portable Countertop Dishwasher

This portable dishwasher comes with five unique wash options, ranging from 30 to 50 minutes. The faucet adapter of this portable dishwasher is compatible with faucets with a diameter less than 24MM.

Connect the hose to a washing machine faucet without the faucet adapter. This portable dishwasher uses 167℉ hot air to dry your dishes after a washing cycle. It is an ideal gift for most people as you do not have to expend effort to use this portable dishwasher.

It only requires 2.38 gallons of water to clean your dishes. This portable dishwasher also has a setting for washing fruits using 1.58 gallons of water.


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Can you hook up a portable dishwasher to any faucet?

You can connect a portable dishwasher to any faucet that does not have a pull-out or pull-down design. The pull-out/pull-down design causes potential pressure fluctuations, causing the hose to rupture.

However, most portable dishwashers come with a faucet adapter. You can use this adapter to connect the portable dishwasher to any faucet. Your faucet must have a threaded faucet spout to attach it with the adapter. 

Can you hook up a portable dishwasher under the sink?

You can hook up any portable dishwasher under the sink. However, decent plumbing skills and equipment are necessary for it. It can be difficult or easy depending on the type of portable dishwasher – top-loading or front-loading unit.

All dishwashers have controls on different sides – top, sides, and front. However, most manufacturers recommend placing a portable dishwasher beside the sink, not under it. 

What kind of faucet do you need to hook up a portable dishwasher?

You can attach a portable dishwasher to any sink with a threaded faucet spout. One of the steps of installing a portable dishwasher involves attaching the faucet adapter to the threaded faucet spout.

Faucets with built-in sprayers lack a threaded faucet spout, making them unfit for a portable dishwasher. 

Where do you hook up a portable dishwasher?

You can hook up a portable dishwasher on the faucet of your kitchen sink.


A portable dishwasher is a must-have appliance in small kitchens. An advantage of these machines is they can turn into permanent dishwashers with few plumbing skills.

They also save a lot of water. It is convenient to use a portable dishwasher when you have piles of dishes waiting for a wash. 

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